C3L1: Frank Cotton Memorial Bridge

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Frank Cotton Memorial Bridge Level

C3L1: Frank Cotton Memorial Bridge is the first level of the third chapter of Blood II (map name: 16_bridge).  It is Caleb's first obstacle on the way to Cabalco Headquarters. As he approaches, he finds the Cabal have raised the bridge, and he must sneak around the long way, including a detour into the underground, to lower the bridge and resume his journey.

Loading Screen Text[edit]

Level 1: Frank Cotton Memorial Bridge

Now entering New Town, home of Cabalco Industries' immense corporate Headquarters! Riots and civil uprisings are rarely a problem anymore! Overlooking the lovely burning river of White Rock, New Town is the near-perfect picture of a city only gently-oppressed by a giant, amoral megacorp! Sure, we admit that there are still the occasional ritual sacrifices, or kidnapping-by-dark, and yes, sometimes people disappear never to be seen or heard from again, but the streets are mostly safe and clean, and our economy is on the rise with only a few minor hiccups. We're New Town! Cabalco is our friend!



Enemies Present[edit]

  • TBD

Weapons present[edit]

  • TBD

Fun Stuff[edit]

Frank Cotton Memorial Bridge from Q3 Bloodbath
  • The level and eponymous bridge is named for Frank Cotton, the first victim of the puzzle box in Hellraiser and The Hellbound Heart (the short story the movie was based on).
  • The Blood II REZ file contains an opening exchange between Gideon and the Mad Scientist that was cut from the final game.
    • MAD SCIENTIST: Sir, I have to advise you to reconsider. my calculations are still inconclusive. The rifts may be a source of unlimited power, as you suggest. But they might also be deadly pitfalls in the fabric of the space-time continuum. They might lead you to a realm of pure chaos and evil where you'll be completely and utterly annihilated. Oo, hooh, hooh, hooh, hooh, hooh, hooh, that would be nice.
      GIDEON: Sounds like home.
      MAD SCIENTIST: But, sir...
      GIDEON: Get out of my frickin' way.
      MAD SCIENTIST: No, I never got a chance to tell you, how much I love you.
  • Part of this level was recreated as a Q3 BloodBath map.

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