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WizardWorks Software

"Based in Minneapolis, MN, The WizardWorks Group is the leading mass market provider of casual gaming software. An Infogrames, Inc. company (Nasdaq:IFGM), WizardWorks publishes software for a wide variety of interactive entertainment products for several gaming platforms. Specializing in developing and publishing software with a broad appeal that retails for $20.00 and less, WizardWorks has held the number one market share in the casual gaming software category since 1996."Company profile, IGN

WizardWorks Software was a video game publisher founded in 1993. It focused on the works of minor games developers and casual consumer games, most notably the Deer Hunter series by Sunstorm Interactive. It was the publisher of the Blood expansion, Cryptic Passage, which was created by Sunstorm under the permission of Monolith Productions following the company's previous Duke Nukem 3D add-on projects Duke It Out In D.C. and Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach. WizardWorks was also known for its level pack releases such as D!Zone for Doom and Duke!ZONE for DN3D, whose quality and legality brought accusations of shovelware and copyright infringement.

In June 1996 the company was purchased by Blood publisher and rights-holder GT Interactive, and was later known as the GT Value Products Division brand. After buying GT, Infogrames (now Atari) briefly revived the WizardWorks name, although it closed its original Minneapolis, MN office in 2004, transferring all outstanding projects to its Beverly, MA branch. The company also sold software under the labels CompuWorks, specializing in office automation and management software, and MacSoft, specializing in software for the Macintosh, as part of the larger The WizardWorks Group holding, mostly through mass-merchants such as Target or Wal-Mart.

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