William Weilep

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William Weilep


Name: William Weilep

Alternate Names: Willis

Website: http://www.deathmask.net/

Nationality: American

Location: Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Notable Works: DeathMask, Transfusion, Transfusion Wallpapers, Blood Wiki

William Weilep is a Bloodite most well known for his DeathMask website, discussion forum and file repository. He has done several services for the Transfusion project, ranging from programming to helping develop the Transfusion Wallpapers. He is also a collector, having an impressive collection of Blood memorabilia which ranges from boxed versions of the Blood games, to promotional materials, to various pieces of Blood fan art. He is still an active participant in the Blood community, as can be reflected by his work in 2011 of providing the Blood Wiki with better hosting.

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