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"Hey, I’m a 25-year-old guy from Finland and I love Blood. This blog’s idea is to post some bloodbath / co-op pictures, gifs, videos, hints and any memories I can remember. Special thanks to DewittHD for the cultist’s cyan color! And to other guys whom I enjoyed playing multiplayer with the whole time, Bernasie_King, Knuke, Mikke_Nukem, Lesolaattori, DewittHD, Gargoyle, Ocpjr, Gunz, Maligned, Pestilence, Lothar-II, Bryaxis, Maato, Rayholly, Perajorma, Stevenson, SpillSomeBlood etc… Enjoy for my site! :)"--Monolith Blood about me - Tumblr

Vili Nyström

Name: Vili Nyström

Alternate Names: Nyyss0nen

Nationality: Finnish

Location: Vantaa, Uusimaa, Finland

Notable Works: Blood maps

Vili Nyström is a mapper from who has nine uploads on Blood.Freeminded.De. He is also the maintainer of the Blood Multiplayer Group on Facebook, a similar group on Discord, as well as a Blood page on Tumblr.

Christmas Episode[edit]

A planned full episode add-on of eleven maps under the working title of Christmas Episode.

Links: Website, News post


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