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Victor Salalaiko (also known as BelaRUSSIAN) is the creator of two custom map sets for Blood.


Defrag contains five maps, with each its own episode.

  • "DeFrag" - "huge space for jumps with napalm, blow barrels TNT and fly where you want, additional rooms for other tests and it is a lot of that another. More shortly, it is possible to make everything"), "Blooders" - originally reflected as a map for network game, but still in DeFrag, because requires completion."
  • "nJUMPing" - "jumps with napalm through a trench. Simply for those who wants to try."
  • tJUMPing - "jumps from dynamite. More similar on run with obstacles: look demo."
  • "FireBall" - "similar I saw in Quake: fly on you rocket, but in Blood napalm. Fascinatingly."

Link: Defrag website (Russian), Defrag on RTCM



Bots contains three maps intended for hard core players, with each its own episode. The author's favourite is "Cultists".

  • cultists
  • dogi
  • gars

Link: Bots website (Russian), Bots on RTCM