Tommy Gun

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Tommy Gun

"The Tommy Gun is a favorite of the Cabal for its rapid rate of fire and impressive accuracy. On the down side, it chews up ammo quickly. The alternative mode is a strafing attack that covers a wider area with twice as many bullets, which is an effective way to clear out a room."Blood Manual

The Tommy Gun, also known as Thompson's Machine Gun is a weapon in Blood. It is characterized by a high rate of fire, making targeting less necessary, but uses up a lot of ammo. Fanatics often use and drop this weapon or its ammo. One advantage it has over the Shotgun is that Axe Zombies don't get up again in higher difficulty levels.

The Internet Movie Firearms Database suggests that it is a Thompson M1921.

In Blood II: The Chosen this weapon has been replaced by the more modern Submachine Gun and Assault Rifle.

AMMO TYPE: Bullets or bullet drums
REGULAR FIRE: Fires bullets at a high rate
ALTERNATE FIRE: Fires a spread of bullets the width of the screen area