TEDE1M9: Hangar

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"Blood: French Meat (BloodGDX) - E1M9 Hangar - All Secrets" (pagb666) - YouTube
"BLOOD - French Meat expansion - E1M9 (secret map)" (Emmanuel EXE) - DOSBox - YouTube

Hangar (TEDE1M9) is the ninth/secret level of the Blood fan add-on French Meat (2012). It is a homage/recreation of the first level "E1M1: Hangar" from the original Doom.

Level Designer: TEDD

Song Track: 8 - Fate of the Damned (CD-Audio), UNHOLY (MIDI)

Number of Enemies
Still Kicking TBD
Pink on the Inside TBD
Lightly Broiled TBD
Well Done 32
Extra Crispy TBD
Number of Secrets


The level follows the same basic path as the Doom level it is based on.

Enemies Present[edit]

Weapons Available[edit]



  • In the left room at the start of the level, there are two pillars; the one on the right has a switch that will lower a wall in the starting area; otherwise, another way to access this secret is to go to the room filled with toxic waste floor and interact with the middle wall close to the door, which leads to the next room. Reward: Box of Flares, Life Essence, Box of Shotgun Shells, Super Armour
  • Once you're inside the room with the two candle holders, turn back and return to the previous room with the toxic floor. Turn right, and you can access a new room. Reward: Sawed-Off Shotgun, Box of Shotgun Shells
  • Still in the same room with the toxic floor, return near the steps, turn and face the previous secret room, run towards it, and you should see a pillar lowering. Get onto it. Reward: Bundles of Dynamite x5, Doctor's Bag

Fun Stuff[edit]

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