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A Super Secret is a feature in the game play of Blood. In each level, there are secret areas that usually contain power-ups or ammo. But in several levels there are Super Secrets, which are difficult to detect and difficult to reach. Some are nearly impossible to reach without cheating, and others and just plain undetectable unless the player is lucky. However, these super secrets often yield great rewards. For example, the Super Secret in E1M1: Cradle to Grave yields a Napalm Launcher, a weapon that otherwise cannot be found until three levels later.

Super Secrets in Blood[edit]

Super Secrets can be found in the following levels:

  • E1M1: Cradle to Grave - a fake wall that blends perfectly with the surrounding textures conceals an alcove with a Napalm Launcher. It is placed way too high for the player to jump, thus requiring a boost (by using a cultist or a well-placed dynamite explosion) or it can be reached by jumping from the left side of the hole of the opposite wall where the player came from.
  • E1M3: Phantom Express - a tiny invisible ledge on the outer wall of the second carriage. A secret door leads to a small room with various items.
  • E1M5: Hallowed Grounds - a damaging ledge near the level's end conceals a small chamber with some items and a device that appears to be the source of the chanting heard throughout the level.
  • E1M6: The Great Temple - a narrow fake "cloud" ledge leads to a small room that contains all weapons, items and power-ups from the shareware episode.
  • E2M5: The Haunting - indicated only by an ambient sound clue, an invisible teleport trigger takes the player to a room with various items.
  • E3M1: Ghost Town - the top of a ruined elevator shaft concels a secret spider nest and a Life Seed.
  • E6M1: Welcome To Your Life - a small secret niche behind a plain wall contains a Life Leech, but it requires some tricky jumping to reach.
  • E6M5: The Ruined Temple - another secret alcove behind a plain wall.
  • DWE1M1: Home Sweet Home - Under the bloody water is the Moon door with some items and then pass through the teleporter to obtain Jump Boots.
  • DWE1M7: Urban Decay - Return to the office with the spider key after it is destroyed (you can achieve this by using jump boots from the nearby rooftops) Inside the fridge is the secret. Reward: Napalm Launcher, Super Armour, Life Seed
  • DWE2M2: Out to Launch - an elevated area past the end of the walkway at the back of the broken building, inside is the cave with Life Seed, Reflective Shots, Napalm Launcher, and Jump Boots. It is placed way too high for the player to jump, thus requiring a boost (by using a zombie or a well-placed dynamite explosion).
  • DWE2M4: Weird Science
  • DWE3M2: The Room - : In the same secret contains the Life Seed you will see 3 gated pillars labeled �DANGER�. Break the grate furthest to the left and jump into the opening. This is a tricky jump you may want to save your progress. Inside you�ll find Reflective Shots, Napalm supplies, a Doctor�s Bag, and Jump Boots.
  • Secret Level DWE3M9: Nightmare - In the Paradise room, jump up to the windowsill. If you look across to the wall you will see an opening with the Moon Key inside. Grab the key and hit the switch on the wall, which will reveal a teleporter. Enter the teleporter and you will be transported back to the Moon Door in the Furnace room. Go through the Moon Door and collect everything you can in the area with red snow. You�ll see a cross outside the wall in this section. Next to it is another teleporter, but this one will take you back to the Paradise room (not many people finding this so try to be the first to figure it out).