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This article outlines the various modifications, tweaks and software homages relating Shogo: Mobile Armour Division.


Modifications that make considerable changes to the game, rather then just add new features.

BS Logo

BS Productions[edit]

A Shogo modification group comprising of Steven "Smoth" Smith and Jeff "Bunghole" Ploetner (thus "BS") that created several modifications. Kewl also designed the TOW Arena page and created some ingame artwork.


Shogo Switch

Shogo Switch[edit]

Allows you to use MCA weapons with on-foot varieties and vice versa.


Mirrors: (defunct),, Shogo Tribute

Shogo Paint

Shogo Paint[edit]

Allows you to "paint" images by editing the bullet hole in the walls code, which proved quite popular.


Mirrors: (defunct), FilePlanet,, Shogo Tribute

TOW Arena

TOW Arena[edit]

A "one-on-one" deathmatch mod for Shogo based on the popular Rocket Arena mod for Quake.


Mirrors: (defunct), (Mod), (Maps) Shogo Tribute (Mod), Shogo Tribute (Maps)

Legacy of the Fallen[edit]

A fan attempt that tried to complete the failed offical expansion pack.


Mirrors: (defunct),, Shogo Tribute

Defending the Monolith[edit]

Defending the Monolith

A deathmatch mod for Shogo in which two teams and have to defend their monolith while trying to destroy the other monolith. This is similar to "capture the flag" gameplay, only the monolith's stay put and you only need to destroy the enemy's monolith once. The source code to version 1.5 of the mod was also released to the public. The release of 1.0 was treated as a big event by the Planet Shogo community, and a mass Friday "Shogo Party" was declared because of it, announced commonly through "Pic of the Day"s.


Mirrors: (defunct),, Shogo Tribute



A deathmatch modification that brings Shogo many new features and allows a lot more character configuration. It was made by the OTAKU deathmatching clan.


Mirror: Shogo Tribute

Shogo DMZ
Custom map

Shogo DMZ[edit]

A website by TheavesPawn that hosted modding information and and described various tweaks to the game. This includes graphical changes like adding new player colours such as dark purple, dark green, gray, pink, olive drab, orange and teal, various improvements to weapons zoom, added a flight option for MCAs in vehicle mode and work on a new version of the Uhlan with the Spider Mine weapon. In addition, there is the usual amount of various Shogo images, links and information, as well as being the home of the prolific Squishie mod.


Macross TC[edit]

Macross TC

A project that started in 1998 as a Quake II mod trying to make a game based on the Macross series of anime. It later moved to LithTech, through Shogo, stating that it would "certainly help us deliver a better mod, faster" due to the availability of server-side code. After that the project suffered many setbacks and delays, though later portions of it were released. Later, they sought to write code from scratch on top of LithTech 3.1 under the title of Macross: Balance of Power, until being put on hold as the main developer was hired to work on Robotech: Battlecry for Vicious Cycle Software. There was also consideration towards jumping engine again to Torque. Gameplay-wise, it mostly focused on new mecha features such as flight, variation and weaponry. It was worked on by Allan "Geist" Campbell with a large team of contributors.


Mirrors:, Shogo Tribute



Described by as "an anime-ish mass hysteria of gore and fun." The mod adds seventeen new weapons, a more violent modified gib system, tweaked health and armour and general changes to make it more aggressive and over the top. It reached version 6.0 and was developed by Dan "Wraith" Hetrick, with work on version 7.0 attempted. This included experiments being done again with the gib system based on the released Shogo code, a new rail gun weapon and considerations being made towards bringing in resources from the failed expansion Legacy of the Fallen under the title of "Legacy of the Abandoned".


Mirrors: (defunct), (3), (4), (5), (6), FilePlanet, Shogo Tribute, Shogo Tribute (MACE Plugin Pack)

S'NS Gameplay

Sticks 'N Stones CTF[edit]

Adds a "capture the flag" mode with two teams: "Sticks" and "Stones", based on the Quake "Capture the Flag MOD". It was created by Mac.


Mirrors: (defunct), (Mod), (Maps) Shogo Tribute (Maps)


Squshie Announcement

A prolific mod that allows playing between MCA players and on-foot players, aka squishes. Despite the name, the squishie team does have advantages such as being easily overlooked and being available in greater numbers, given that typically only one player is in an MCA with the hoards of on-foot players trying to bring it down. This mod quickly became one of the staples of the Shogo community and the subject of many "Pic of the Day"s. It was hosted by Shogo DMZ, which mentions single play as well.


Mirrors:: (defunct), FilePlanet,

Greased With Lovin[edit]

Beta 3 Image
Custom map

A mod that adds many new features to Shogo, similar to Extra Crispy and other tweak mods for Blood II, such as being able to play as enemy Mechs, skin support, new colours and special effects, adjustable gravity, limited thrusters, homing missiles, the ability to deathmatch in single player levels and more. This is said to be at the 40% marker from the initial concept. Once described by the author as "a labour of love and will be long in the making but shogo has been around for 7 years and it's community will exist for a long time." It has released many playable betas, the latest being Beta 4. It was created by Steven "Smoth" Smith, previously of BS Productions, and he claims to have ended the project due to LithTech incompatibles with Windows XP. He also received assistance from Apocalyse_DFA, who did HUD programming, Ghost, who did physics coding, and Sho. Several new maps were also being made for it as well as new skins. Smoth is currently working on a Gundam-inspired real-time strategy game using the free software Spring engine. He also created a Spring tower defense game.

Link: Mod DB page, Greased forum archive from, Old page

Mirror: Shogo Tribute (Skins REZ), Shogo Tribute (Beta 2.2) Shogo Tribute (Beta 3), Shogo Tribute (Beta 4)


"Aegis is a mod for Monolith's cult classic 1998 FPS Shogo. Due to its rushed development, Shogo in many places feel rushed and unpolished, from the inconvenient weapon zoom controls to the infamous critical hit (RNG instagib) system. Another issue is the game's balancing and difficulty that is consistently thrown off thanks to various factors from NPC AI statistics to even cheesing. Aegis heavily modifies Shogo's combat, by making MCA on MCA fighting as frantic as ever thanks to modified MCA stats and reduced damage from environmental explosions and making on-foot combat as challenging and as unforgiving as vanilla without the flaws and annoyances of bulletsponging and critical hits. Zoom controls are also modified to work with the right mouse button via a CFG that will be included in the mod that will also set the controls to WSAD configuration. The mod will also come with plenty of presentation changes, like a new menu as well as compatibility fixes like being able to listen to the in-game music on the newest versions of Windows, including Windows 10. Aegis is no longer being developed."--ModDB

Aegis was a project to try and overhaul the combat in Shogo to move past rushed implementation in the standalone game with better balancing and more attuned difficulty, as well as correct other little flaws or incompatibility issues with modern systems. One of its most notable features is the disabling of the controversial critical hits system, and also fixes the music to work on modern versions of Windows. It was not finished outright, but had a work in progress release put out on August 12, 2018. The project was worked on by AdrenalinCDA, originally under the title of Ether.


Evangelion: Absolute Truth[edit]

"This looks to be a teamplay mod for Shogo: MAD pitting Evangelions against angels. The idea is that Angels have begun a war with us poor humankind. Each unit on either side will need to hit up some type of charge-up facility to keep their energy level up, or they simply run out of gas. And once your killed, your done. More info as it becomes available."--Description

A mod project based on the then recent anime Neon Genesis Evangelion; it never released any files.

Link: (defunct)


"Blood2 v Shogo, CTF style! Lithwars will allow you to choose either the Shogo team or Blood2 team, and face off in a game of CTF. No other details are available at this time."--Description

A crossover mod between Blood II and Shogo hosted by the LithTimes website; it never released any files.

Link: (defunct)

Imminent Chaos[edit]

Imminent Chaos

A total conversion project for Shogo that sought to add new weapons, characters and MCAs. Some proposed new enemies included zombies, spirits, children, poison frogs, "your clone", kato dragon and giant genetic mutation. In the end, no files were ever released despite a promised beta. The project was lead by Kell Dragon and Stinger.



Modifications that serve a specific purpose or make only limited changes.

Shogo Coop[edit]

Shogo Coop

A mod claiming to provide the option of cooperative play, promising the ability to play the entire game with up to five players; and still allowing ingame saving. Since its offical website is currently still up, and the files are available from numerous mirrors, downloading it is easy The latest version is 1.11 released on November 4, 2002, with version 1.0 being released on June 1, 2002. It was created by Tom Chang.


Mirror: Shogo Tribute (Modification), Shogo Tribute (MCA Spires Coop Levels) FilePlanet, Soft List, More...


A series of patches and utilities, created to stop the prolific occurrences of cheating during Shogo deathmatches, by Apocalypse_DFA.

Mirror: Shogo Tribute


First created as a proof of concept, the mod removes all powerups and weapons and only gives each player an "Instagib Laser Cannon" which features unlimited ammo. The second version featured anti-cheat protection thanks to Apocalypse_DFA.

Mirrors: (defunct), Shogo Tribute


A simple mod that replaces the Akuma class of MCAs with a new "Tenma" class.

Mirrors: (defunct),

Blade 3 Sound Mod[edit]

A modification by Hitokiri Blade that replaces almost every sound in the game in an attempt "to make everything sound cooler."

Mirror: Shogo Tribute


A mod that adds team-play matches or free-for-all options to Shogo deathmatch. It also acts as a client administration tool for these matches using a player voting system that allows the server administrator to not be present.

Mirrors: (defunct), FilePlanet,, Shogo Tribute

Rapid Fire Cheat Fix[edit]

A new REZ file to handle things server side for players who wish to run dedicated servers. Once loaded, the REZ will not allow for rapid firing to occur on a game hosted on the server. The REZ will nullify damage to any shots that are fired at a higher than normal rate. It also tracks the amount of rapid fired shots and when the total reaches one hundred the perpetrator is executed. Then if the perpetrator attempts rapid fire again, the player is instantly executed thereafter.

Mirrors: (defunct),

Peixoto's Patches[edit]

A collection of several fan made patches for a variety of older games, including Shogo, principally focused on making games look better and be more readable on high resolution displays.


Other Games[edit]

Projects that bring Shogo content over to other games or engines.

Shogo Arena[edit]

Shogo Arena

See Also: Q3 BloodBath

A project to port Shogo deathmatch maps to Quake III Arena. It was intended to have both mecha and on-foot gameplay, properly balanced, added to Quake III as well as preserving the game's capture the flag mode. The project was also known as Anime Arena. The team also declared a strong work ethic: "unlike other mods for Shogo, and any other game of the past, our mod will actually be completed or else. Slackers, or bandwagon type guys will be quickly ferreted out of the mod. Also unlike other mods, we will accept any help", and promised to accept new or original ideas. In the end they ported and released two maps, "Q3 Madskillz" and "Q3 Nizcorpses", and a Sanjuro skin. A further three maps ("Q3 Underground", "Q3 Quaker" and "Q3 Night") ported by Ozymadius were released alongside them as the "Quake3 Shogo Map Pack". Thanks to various official ported versions, and later source ports like ioquake3, these files can run on all systems as the original Shogo and more.

Link: F

Mirror: (defunct),, Shogo Tribute, NizCorpses from GameFront, Madskillz from GameFront

UT skin

Sanjuro for UT99[edit]

A Sanjuro skin and voice pack for the original Unreal Tournament. To use, make sure your class is Male Commando, and select the skin Sanjuro. You can choose a different face to put on sunglasses and there are color uniforms for each team. To install, simply run the umod file. This will also setup bot 27 to use the skin and voicepack.


Shogo MOD for UT2004[edit]

Shogo Unreal

A French made mod by Cleveyus that attempts to port levels from Shogo to the "updated tech" of Unreal Tournament 2004. The project began in 2005 and ended on November 22, 2009, being uploaded to ModDB by Blade_hunter. Thanks to the ports of Unreal Tournament by Ryan C. Gordon it can run natively on all the same systems as the original Shogo except for AmigaOS.

Sites and Mirrors: ModDB Page, FileFront, GameFront

Original Posts: Original French Forum Post, Unreal Design post, post, Beyond Unreal post, Shogo Tribute post

Translations: Original Forum Post (Translated), Unreal Design post (Translated), post (Translated)

YouTube: Part 1, Part 2

Shogo: Hydra[edit]

"Half-Life: SHOGO HYDRA - Full Walkthrough" (Bolloxed)

Shogo: Hydra is a mod that attempts to bring aspects of the Shogo single player experience to the original Half-Life. It was started in 2016 by Kantez90s and had its latest major release in 2018 with a minor bug fix in 2019. It is also known as Shogo Ikari.

Link: ModDB, Mirror, YouTube video

A similar but distinct project by glitchenco ported over two Shogo levels to the Half-Life derived Sven Co-op in August 2018.

Links: Part 1, Part 2

Shogo 2[edit]

3D moddeling
Concept art

There have been several attempts at creating a community made sequel to the game, the first serious one, The Shogo Project, having been started by in the mid-2000s. In the end however, this effort proved unsuccessful, coinciding as it did with the slow decline of the forum and the end of the middle era; the last posts about it date back to 2006. Around 2012 however, a new attempt was brought up by the members of Shogo Tribute, based on making either a proper sequel or, if legal permission is lacking, a brand new mecha shooter in the style of Shogo, on a modern cross-platform game engine. Several members signed up as musicians, artists and a few coders, but a complete team still needed to be assembled. Concept art by ZeroEnergy was drawn, providing at least some output from the project. Graham "Gideon" Wilson volunteered his efforts as a writer for the single player campaign, with the intent of making it a sequel to his Shogo: The Expanded Canon fan fiction universe. More immediately however, a multiplayer demo was planned in order to work out the game-play and game physics and also to avoid potential legal problems later on - similar to how Transfusion started before it its own faltering attempt at recreating the single player of Blood. Initially planned to use Blender Game Engine, emphasis subsequently moved over to using the Unity engine, and work began based on sample demos. Most of the effort thus far had been directed at converting original Shogo assets to modern formats, specifically to models supported by the Blender modelling program.

Loose Maps[edit]

See Also: DEdit

As with most games of its era, Shogo players created a massive collection of maps and levels for both mecha and on-foot play, though almost all of them were for multiplayer only. A large compilation of 128 levels is available from Shogo Tribute offering an almost universally complete collection, with a only slightly less complete offering also available from The Gravel Pit; a similar but much smaller effort was also done earlier by Planet Shogo.

The Next Level[edit]

The Next Level

The Next Level was a section of first Planet Shogo and then, maintained by demonrage, that provided a central place for the exhibition and hosting of loose custom maps for Shogo. It not only was a good place for hosting, but new levels were often wrote up about and highlighted within the news portion of the section. On January 17, 2003, after four years in operation, the site was closed down and archived to the main file server of It also had write ups for major mods and had an area for posted skins. Most if not all of the levels posted there can still be found in the compilations linked above, and can also be largely gotten from FilePlanet, from, or from Shogo Level.



Maniac Mansion

Maniac Levels[edit]

A variety of loose maps were uploaded under the collective title of "Maniac". They are of varying themes and have descriptive names like "Tower", "Castles" (defunct), "Maze", "Edge" or more esoteric names like "Kickass" (FilePlanet), "Challenge" (FilePlanet), one of very few single player maps which also contains single player versions of "Edge" and "Mansion", or "The Shit" (FilePlanet). Most were created by Interstate82, leading to the "Interstate82 Map Pack" (FilePlanet) containing "The Entrance" and "Mansion". "Mansion 2" (FilePlanet) however was uploaded under his other pseudonym Yuri76 and "Kickass" and "The Shit" have no listed authors. The popular "Challenge" levels were also included by Anarchy Arts in a tech demo for their attempted expansion Legacy of the Fallen.

Mirror: Shogo Tribute (maps), Shogo Tribute (LOF Tech Demo)


Skillz Levels[edit]

A mecha map called "MadSkillz3" by natrolite was uploaded for PlanetShogo and FilePlanet hosts two copies and has another. Two other maps featuring the moniker "Skillz" also exist: "MoreSkillz" by Matt "Dyno" Rowell, available from FilePlanet and, and "LessSkillz", whose documentation no longer serves as a download. These seem to be based on the official "MCA MadSkills" and "OF MadSkillz" levels included with the game, which feature tight confined deathmatch play. "OF MadSkillz" was also made into "Q3 Madskillz" for Shogo Arena.

Revival MapPack 2018[edit]


"WOAH! 3 new DM maps for Shogo? Made in 2017? Am I dreaming? NO YOU DONT! Sorry for making another post. But I was a beast and stomped out a THIRD map in a week. So I attempt to edit this post whenever there is another map. But I highly doubt it... Feedback appreciated. Preferably in here or as a comment on one of the pages. Or you could get some friends together and stream playing the maps (gonna do that soon). I suck at item placements, so I already apologize."--3RDPlayer

A collection of maps first released on August 18, 2017 by 3RDplayer; later re-issued on ModDB under its current title on August 2, 2018. His website also hosts numerous tutorials on DEdit.

  • Skyscrapers
  • Museum
  • Katomine

The set was even recognized by Monolith Productions on their Facebook page as part of the game's 20th anniversary.

"Shogo has always had MAD mod support. As the first LithTech title, it offered its source code and a level editor at launch. And the community is still going strong: check out the latest map pack from @the_3RDplayer"--Monolith Productions

Links: 3RDplayer's Website (Downloads, Gallery, Tutorials), Shogo Tribute thread, ModDB


Misift skin
Skin by Corpse

A variety of custom player skins were also created for Shogo, with many hosted on The Next Level.


Shogo Skins Table
Misfits (see WraithLauncher) (Mirror)
Misfits 2 (Info)
Wraith's Model Pack 1 (Info)
Wraith's Model Pack 2 (Info)
Wraith's Skin Pack 1 (Info)
Corpse's Skins (Info)
Smoth Plugin 1 (Info)
Smoth's Prefabs (Info)
Spudnewt's Skins (Info)
Kurita (Mirror)
Ski Suit
Shogo Theme - Winamp, XMMS/Audacious
Shogo Theme - Microsoft Windows


Shogo Articles

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