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This page is for reviews of the various Blood modifications. Editing of reviews is prohibited, you may however add your own.

Blood Mods[edit]

The Carnage Continues by Harry and Joel "Reactor" Blackwell[edit]

"The Carnage continues

Episode I: How it began

Impressions: How it Began Drops Caleb into a more modern setting, where he no longer caries his pitchfork, but can deal one hell of a punch. I get the feeling this mod takes place some time during the 60’s or 70’s, it could very well be modern day, but hell, I like to be delusional at times and the 70’s always had those kickass action flicks. There are some rather nice environment design elements to these user maps, the rain and lighting of level one are very cool, as is the eruption out of mine shaft in map3. The new later and spring pad game mechanics were nice and used effectively. I like how you’ve had some of the phantasms rise up out of the floor when you come up to them, it makes a creepy enemy even creepier.

Some downers I’ve had playing the maps; these are mostly design element theories that I don’t agree with. Although there are some very nice and interesting rooms in the maps, they can be dwarfed and muted by some very large open areas where the shear size can get the player (or at least me) lost as to where to go next. This is especially troublesome when you use a switch to trigger an event clear on the other end of the map. It does help when you leave a trail of baddies that draw you where you need to go, but I don’t really like the “push switch” = “spawn monster” equation in general. I will give you credit that I think that particular equation was used effectively in the first map (theoretically as you are forced to go through the map the second time, they would have had time to regroup)

In the third map, the little underwater grotto (near the cabins) looks like it still needs work. It’s just that patch of untextured ceiling at the top of the stairs, I think you had something planned there but never finished it up.

All in all, among “finished” episodes, I’d rate “How it began” a good B; I’ll reserve final review when I finish the other two episodes.

Plus points: Game mechanics/weapons mods.

Negative points: Over all ganormous/vague level design & technical issues with the cut scenes." --- DustyStyx

Source: Transfuion Forums Post

"After playing a bit tonight I can see a major flaw in the first level. Too many monsters, not enough weapons or powerups. Cerberus spawning after entering the room to get the key isn't that bad because you can sit at the end and let him kill himself. But then you have to go through a bunch more cultists and ghosts, and then you get into that one room with 4 gargoyles and a couple more cultists. You have to dispatch them with no weapons and less than 20 health. So it's a lot of crawling backwards and charging with a pitch fork as soon as they lower.

After 15 minutes of that you get to leave that area. And immediately a Stone Gargoyle spawns with a whole horde of cultists to back him up. Now how are you supposed to get by that with no health and no weapons? Is there some hidden stash somewhere? It's literally not possible to beat this level legitimitely unless you are good enough to completely ignore the enemies without getting hit by their attacks. There has to be something I'm missing here, because the way it is now, the level is just about throwing more and more enemies at you until you die, since you never get any reinforcements.

Is it meant to make you want to cheat? I like the way the level was mapped, I just don't agree with the way the level was designed to play. Repeatedly going through the map again gets boring, and the wave after wave of enemies gets annoying. It could have been a lot better done. Not to discourage you or anything, it's nothing personal. I'm very glad that someone actually took the time to make a new add on for the original Blood. I hope you find the time to make more. I'll just skip the first level unless I find some secret stash of weapons and powerups to make it possible to get by the monsters.

Seriously the only two weapons that spawned the entire time were the Shotgun and Life Leech. 0 ammo for the Life Leach the whole map, and to get Shotgun ammo you had to be lucky and have a cultist drop it. I'm obviously not lucky as I got a total of 8 ammo from cultists. There were a few places with more shotgun ammo, but it doesn't last with the number of enemies thrown at you. There was also a small ammount of dynamite, but that also doesn't last long when you have nothing else to use. But hey, there was a life pouch in that one room heh.

Overall, I loved the map, very well put together. I liked the way the map played out, and how you had to use something other than your fragging skills to get through the map.. the first time. After that it went downhill. The ammo/powerup to enemy ratio was way off. It's like old time atari games where instead of completing a series of objectives to beat the game, the levels just keep getting faster and harder until you die.

Can't wait to see how cool the rest of the maps are now." --- Cruo

Source: Transfuion Forums Post

"Well Harry i have finally had the time to have a good bash at Carnage and have pretty much done Lev 1 WOW it's very good i've been doing a lot of Mapediting recently and i thought i could pretty much see how most maps are made but Dude! i just diden't know some of those thing where possible, like the water that lapped the shore and that Cannon

so overall i think it's amazing just for a showcase of how far Mapedit can be pushed, but it's also a good design for fun....well almost, for me althought they are scary and a real challenge Phantasems should be used in small doses since they seem immune to everything but the shotgun or Fork i always find my self just getting annoyed by too many, but having said that it is very challenging and thats always a good thing.

hopefully i'll get some more play time and see what happens next :D" --- RedFanatic

Source: Transfuion Forums Post

Bloody Pulp Fiction by Ryan Williams and RedFanatic[edit]

"I got a chance to play a bit of the 2nd chapter wangho. You and RF have done a great job from what I have seen, the levels are very challenging, even on the easiest settings. I found myself having to watch health and ammo closely. You also managed to get me to flinch more than once which was fun.

Anyway, you guys did a great job! Dont get me wrong, I am not complaining, I just wanted to let you know what things I am finding and if they are a problem. I'm looking forward to playing some more tomorrow." --- Joe Volante

Source: Transfuion Forums Post

"FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK :D Unbeleavable it just works man :D ! Installed a frehs One of my OUWB copied alle the files, did a renaming, setup my sound settings (controlls, screen etc.) via Deathmask Way and running it without problems with the blood.vlp Deathmask-Style file :D !

No lagging, no s*** (okay only played a few seconds... but last time it was lagging s*** from the start)

damn f*** m an, great I wnated to play this great addon all the time... and now it seems like I can enjoy this evening with some good Haze and a great atmospheric addon, spilling more blood and kicking zombies heads :D

Damn, YEAH !!! thank you for this opportunity wich seems to solve all my problems !" --- Bloody

Source: Transfuion Forums Post

"I'm having fun with the first map of the game so far, but DOSBox has bad frame rates when I look at the snow coming down. I guess I'll try tweaking some settings. Great job, guys! :D" --- Ransu

Source: Transfuion Forums Post

Blood II Mods[edit]

Blood 2K5 by Joe Volante and Alexandre Vancomerbeck[edit]

"Anyway, I've finished the mod and I must say I'm quite pleased. The initial darkness was a problem for me, but that could be my video card settings? :shrug: It's strange Blood 2 doesn't have its own brightness/gamma setting.

Oh, also I didn't need to lay a bullet on Ishmael as he was quite happy to kill himself.

Roadhouse is a much better map, but was I meant to get the key simply by jumping? I have a feeling I skipped some of the level without knowing it...

All in all, it was great to see some new stuff for Blood 2." --- Ra_Ra_Gazaa

Source: Transfuion Forums Post

"I Live...AGAIN, i downloaded your mappack and i must admit that this one is very enjoyable! Very nice level design (actually i am lost in this damn hospital, man this map is huge and so detailed!), awesome light work and this original Blood feeling! Thank you for all you effort!

After the fight with Behemoth (am playing on suicide mode), i landed totally out of ammo, so now am trying to kill a group of crazy cultists upstairs with my vodoo doll - thats a challenge! But fear not - i will beat this map, sooner or later! My Bloodfun spirit won't let me quit so easily!

Although I found out that outdoor architecture is quite weird - some kind of wall, fence under electricity, parking? But i must admit that this third/second perspective carousel is a breath of fresh air - well done!

Ok, i finished this map. Pretty awesome stuff. My only complain about all this mappack is a quality of that additional gun, which suppose to be a napalm launcher. It looks really bad, i mean - it looks like someone didn't finish his work onto it. But overall - 4/5!" --- Nivo

Source: Transfuion Forums Post, Transfuion Forums Post

"this is surprisingly pretty damn cool and gothic flavored. It looks and sounds alot more like original Blood for sure. I was wondering if any of the original midis are supposed to be playing during gameplay? If so, I can't hear them..

Im still trying to get past those flaming skull demon things on the first map, being kind of not-so-familiar with Blood 2, IM not sure what strategy to use on them. The AI of the cultists is spot on! Great job on this.. Im going to play more." --- Ryan Williams

Source: Transfuion Forums Post

"praise you! there's been so painfully little new blood 2 content over the past few years... how i yearned for a new episode... even a few stand-alone maps would have been eased the suffering. and now i finally have something new (albeit several months after your original post).

i know hospos, which was good, and i'm especially looking forward to the maps i don't know." --- Gandhi[ofDOOM]

Source: Postmortem Forums Post

"But I do think that ILA has created some really fun and enjoyable stuff here, and I'll definitely look forward to any future levels that may be developed. :D" --- Kurt Fuhr

Source: Transfuion Forums Post

"These are shaping up to be some pretty nice levels Joe. You and Kurt rock :D" --- DustyStyx

Source: Transfuion Forums Post

"Played a bit of it, it is quite good. Hope for more Blood II maps in the future." --- Hamish Wilson

Source: Transfuion Forums Post

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