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"You never know exactly where you're going to run into a nest of rats, but it's safe to assume there's something dead and rotting close by. They aren't called 'dirty little rats' for nothing, you know. While they probably won't bother you too much unless they feel threatened, it's best to dispose of them so you don't leave yourself any nasty surprises."--Blood Beastiary

Rats are small rodents with red eyes and mangy fur that are enemies in Blood. Although they have the same HP as bats, they deal more damage, and are low to the ground, making them difficult to aim at. Like bats, they stay in holes in the wall and will surprise and swarm the player. But they can easily be killed by the pitchfork or simply stepping on them (resulting in a humorous squeak). If rat falls in water, it instantly dies.

The "Blood Team" released "Weekly Blood Development Updates" on the 3D Realms website, and said this about this enemy:

  • Update: 10/14/96: Tweaked some sound code. Started adding all the new sounds for the enemies. For a while the rats sounded like cultists, which was hilarious hearing them yell at you in their death throes.

Difficulty Level Hit Points
Still Kicking 2
Pink on the Inside 3
Lightly Broiled 4
Well Done 7
Extra Crispy 10

"While not the deadliest of creatures, these little fiends can be quite hazardous if they mob you, which is their preferred mode of attack."--Blood Manual