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"R.T.C.M. started back sometime during the decline of Duke3D, sites where fading, files where disappearing, large sites no longer supported Duke3D. So I decided to collect more information and files as I could, not knowing what I got myself into, I found tons of stuff. I had to track down companies, authors and dead links. All doing this with DIAL-UP connection. I even was able to get files from AOL that where not on the web anywhere, I saved those just in time before 3DR removed their forum and AOL dropped support for Duke3D. I eventually sent some files to various web sites to see if they would host the files and information I found, some where hesitant as the files where deemed 'underground' material. So that route didn't work for too long so I had to put up a web site myself, then a few web sites that turned into five. My database was too large for a single free hosting. I eventually got the sites down to three (4-1-98) (AOL, XOOM, and Tripod Servers) and labeled the site RTCM, you don't want to know what the letters stood for at that time, it was a mouth full. During 1998 I asked for hosting at a popular totalconversion site. I didn't get a reply, then a year later I applied again, this time the site was down to two locations and was very much filled, I did my homework and I knew I was the only one that cared enough to locate all these files. Basically I knew I'd get accepted, and I did."Corvin

RTCM is a website originally created for Duke Nukem 3D modifications that eventually grew to include more general information about that game and other Build engine titles, including Blood. The name stands for "Resources for Total Conversions and Mods" and is similar to DeathMask in terms of being principally a file host. It includes information on Blood modifications and the game itself, as well as general file hosting for Blood miscellanea. It was briefly hosted by the "TerminX server" connected to the Duke4 website, but it split off into its own site again in 2016 following disagreements between Corvin, the site's creator, and TerminX. TerminX still maintains a mirror of the files, against the wishes of Corvin.

It is most notable for a sizable collection of Blood modifications created by Dwayne Anderson, Joel "Reactor" and Kurt "Headhunter" Blackwell, Victor "BelaRUSSIAN" Salalaiko, Christian Green, Jeff "Zip" Morris, Dustin "Bloatoid" Twilley, and others. It also contains the Cryptic Passage teaser by Sunstorm Interactive. Many of the modifications included were large modification projects such as BloodLines and Legends of the Iconoclast. It is well regarded as a reliable (active from 2000 to the present), exhaustive and yet somewhat curated collection of Blood add-ons and maps.

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