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Polish Blood Centre
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Name: Polish Blood Centre

URL: http://blood.gry-online.pl

Created: 2002

"Welcome to the website dedicated entirely computer game Blood and Blood 2: The Chosen, published by a reliable team Monolith Productions. This bloody series to be unquestionably one of the most brutal FPP shooter for the PC. On addition to descriptions of individual titles and add-ons, you will find information about the characters in the game, descriptions of weapons, items and the same enemies. Here you will find the FAQs, walkthroughs, cheats, detailed description of the control commands, screamshoty and much much more .."
--Translated description

The Polish Blood Centre (also known as Polish Blood or The Polish Blood Community) was a Polish fan website for Blood, Blood II: The Chosen, and the game's various expansions. It can be considered the Polish equivalent of websites such as The Postmortem or the Russian Blood Community. It consists of a forum, file hosting, reviews, cheat codes, and other pages (all of which are in the Polish language). A Polish Shogo Centre also exists for Shogo: MAD, but it does not appear to be related - despite both being started in 2002. On November 28, 2009 the site spun off into a blog, although both this and the original site vanished in 2011.

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