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Blood Screamshot
Plasma Pak

Developer: Monolith Productions

Publisher: GT Interactive

Designer: Nick Newhard

Engine: Build

Released: October 15, 1997

Genre: First Person Shooter

Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer

Platforms: MS-DOS (Windows and Linux via Dosbox)

UPC/A7: 7 42725 12571 1

ESRB Rating: M (animated violence)

Media: CD-ROM(1)

Blood as rated by the ESRB

"From Monolith Productions, the developer of BLOOD, comes the official expansion pack that rips loose where the bloody action left off! Sink your teeth into eleven all-new horrific, bloodcurdling levels of intense 3D first- person action. Battle seven new maniacal monsters including Zealots, Fire Chrysallids and a new boss, The Beast! Also featuring 2 sadistic new Bloodbath levels for fierce multiplayer action! The BLOODBATH continues!"Blood Website

The Plasma Pak is the second of two expansion packs for the game Blood. Unlike the previously released Cryptic Passage, the Plasma Pak was created in-house by Monolith Productions. It added a new episode consisting of nine new levels, additional enemies, new weapon modes, new multiplayer maps, and numerous bug fixes.


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There is no official storyline for Plasma Pak; however, it can be assumed, based on various clues, that after Caleb defeats Tchernobog he learns that the Cabal are training new batch of Chosen, and he sets out to stop the cult's plans.

In 1999, Plasma Pak was put on the infamous German index of censored games, making it illegal to advertise or sell to minors. However, unlike most games put on the index, it was not confiscated, meaning it was legal to sell to an adult. However, the lack of advertising prompted its disappearance from shelves.

On July 15, 1998 a special edition collection titled One Unit: Whole Blood was released, which included the fully-patched full version of Blood, the Cryptic Passage expansion pack, the Plasma Pak expansion pack, and the Game Wizards interactive walkthrough/strategy guide. The One Unit: Whole Blood name also became revived when Blood became available from and other digital distribution services, along with its expansion packs.

Within the game, this episode is called "Post Mortem", however, in the INI file, it is called "Civilian Life".

New Episode: Post Mortem[edit]

Caleb starts his journey at a department store (E6M1: Welcome To Your Life) overtaken by Cabal. Clearing a way through his enemies, Caleb finds another shopping center (E6M2: They Are Here) which is connected to a processing facility of sorts and is lured to an ambush in a Cabal-controlled warehouse (E6M3: Public Storage). Using the aeration conduits, he outflanks his enemies and moves into the city aqueducts (E6M4: Aqueducts). A Cabal ship is docked nearby, but Caleb does not waste time and sinks the vessel. Later, he moves into Cabal territory, wreaking havoc in a temple complex (E6M5: The Ruined Temple), then storming the inner temple (E6M6: Forbidden Rituals), where the Cabalists are preparing some kind of unearthly ceremony. He also has the chance to visit some forgotten catacombs (E6M9: Forgotten Catacombs). Satisfied the temples have been dealt with, Caleb enters the dungeon (E6M7: The Dungeon), a dark, creepy structure built to stop anyone trying to reach the training ground for the new Chosen. A set of locked doors blocks the exit and Caleb is forced to wander across different areas to gather all the required keys. In the end he reaches the grounds (E6M8: Beauty and the Beast) where a Priest awaits (multiple at higher difficulty levels). He defeats both their Cabal form and Beast form, stopping the Cabal's plans.

New Enemies[edit]


New Weapon Modes[edit]

  • Life Leech - New alternate fire - sets up the staff as a sentry gun, but drops the weapon.
  • Tesla Cannon - Can now be used with the Guns Akimbo power-up.
  • Napalm Launcher - Different alternate fire - launches a bouncing ball of napalm with smaller bursts.

New Multiplayer Maps[edit]

These are included in the same "episode 5" portion of the Blood INI file immediately following the original retail BloodBath maps, but have a different prefix (DM instead of BB). The single player portion is then included as an episode 6.

Full Credits[edit]

The credits for the Plasma Pak can be found: here.

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