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Game Apperances: Blood
Affiliation: Unknown (possibly Cabal)

Difficulty Stats:

Difficulty Level Hit Points
Still Kicking 260
Pink on the Inside 350
Lightly Broiled 530
Well Done 684
Extra Crispy 876

"These revenants lurk just on the other side of the world of the living, crossing over only to harvest their victims. It is when they straddle this border between worlds that they are vulnerable, so time your attacks carefully. Beware their scythes, lest you be cut down in the flower of your youth."Blood Beastiary

A Phantasm is an enemy in Blood. It is an undead spirit that exists between the land of the dead and the living, and crosses over only to harvest their victims. They resemble a grim reaper, including the cloak, scythe, and skeletal appearance. They also have the ability to fly and are recognized by a trademark shrill scream. It is unknown whether they are servants of Tchernobog, or agents of death come to reclaim Caleb, though their descriptions from the manual seem to favour the latter interpretation.

They are capable of blocking the player's movement and attacking with its scythe, or shooting projectile skulls which cause spirit damage (fans of Heretic may recognize them), but they must become tangible to do this. Phantasms are only vulnerable when they become corporeal. And ironically enough, they can only be harmed by three basic weapons: the Pitchfork, Shotgun, and Tommygun. None of the more advanced magic or fire weapons or explosives do any good against them.

They are otherwise fairly similar to Flesh Gargoyles in how difficult they are to kill, their movements, and style of attack. You can force them to solidify by deliberately running into them, which often works, and then hit them. The Shotgun is the easiest of the three weapons to take them down. Make sure you have shells or bullets in case you have to deal with them, although the Pitchfork does work in an emergency.

Their closest equivalent in Blood II: The Chosen are the Death Shrouds. If they were agents of the Cabal this seems to have ended by the time of CabalCo. The reference to a "land of the dead" on the "other side of the world of the living" in their descriptions provides a potential semi-canonical explanation for where the Chosen are restored from by the Singularity Generator during the events of Blood II; the fan fiction Scroll builds much on this premise.

"These restless phantoms harvest the souls of their victims with vicious scythes. Because they exist more in the land of the dead than the world of the living, they are only vulnerable when attacking. Watch for them to solidify before striking or your ammo and effort will be wasted."Blood Manual