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"I am here to play games while I shut the f*** up! Uploading lots of classic PC FPS games (mostly) and some modern ones too! With emphasis offering them in the highest quality possible, widescreen, and fixed FoV... and yes, no voice comments." — pagb666

pagb666 is a YouTube channel that focuses on playthroughs of retro first-person shooters and modifications. This has included Blood and its various fan add-ons via BloodGDX. It is run by Pedro Arturo Gomez Blanco of Spain, a Doom custom mapper who contributed to Hell Revealed II (2003) and Plutonia 2 (2008). In addition, he converted the Quake deathmatch map "Ultra-Violence" to Blood, authored the Quake-inspired arena "Quakeish", and also created "Casa Del Gran Ciegue" which features a two story house surrounded by a garden.


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