Out for Blood

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Out for Blood

Developer: Thomas "BloodyTom" Ziehl

Publisher: blood.freeminded.de

Designer: Thomas "BloodyTom" Ziehl

Engine: Build Engine (Blood mod; BloodGDX, NBlood, Raze), Kex Engine (Fresh Supply)

Version: Update

Released: August 3, 2019

Genre: First Person Shooter

Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer

Platforms: MS-DOS (original executable), Java VM (BloodGDX), Microsoft Windows (NBlood, Raze, Fresh Supply), Unix-like (NBlood, Raze)


ISBN-10: N/A

Media: Download

"As I hoped I managed to construct one Episode for Blood. There are only 6 Levels but they are huge and highly detailed. Follow Caleb from his awakening in his grave into the guts of hell to defeat Tchernobog one last time." — Tom

Out for Blood is a six large level fan add-on (with one secret level) for Blood by Thomas "BloodyTom" Ziehl, later author of Trauma Therapy, released on August 3, 2019. Save for updates to Death Wish, and the second part of the long announced three part Legends of the Iconoclast remake, it was the first major custom campaign release in several years.


Caleb blasts out of his crypt, and finds the passage beyond the graveyard to be a treacherous wooden bridge followed by a series of locks requiring him to trudge through underground caverns, mine shafts, subterranean rivers and the sewers to get the relevant keys. Finally unlocking the passage, he then has to explore a hedge maze before descending through a metal gate and the passage out (OFB01: Risen from the Grave).

He swims through further underground pools, and finally is carried out into a dense forest. He battles it out from clearing to clearing, taking out several camp-sites and cabins. Ascending up a tree trunk, he traverses from tree canopy to canopy along rickety rope bridges, before jumping down into a pool of water to get back on solid ground. Caleb blasts several passages through the dense bush, and finally comes across an artillery gun that further expedites his progress. This demolition theme is continued with several cases of dynamite strewn throughout and ultimately an in-progress rail tunnel hiding a plunger detonator wired to a series of gunpowder barrels. Beyond this cave and another sealed gate is a misty river and a solitary boat, which can be commandeered once it is unmoored from the dock (OFB02: The Forest).

Caleb sails downstream until he reaches a waterfall and pond, which hides a secret smuggling hideaway. He searches for nearby passages, and eventually safely makes it down to the dilapidated structure. At the base of the building, he finds he has to override and circumvent the steam tunnels beneath, then struggles through the cellars, spider dens and ultimately back up the cliff-side and the way forward (OFB03: Smugglers Den).

He emerges from a mineshaft after accessing a gate locked by spider key, and comes across a sky-piercing fortification, complete with moat. This waterway flows into a dungeon in the tower's base, which allows him to blast his way into the upper halls. He unlocks an eye key upstairs after breaking into a safe, unleashing a flight of gargoyles. This unlatches a trap door along the outer ramparts, which accesses a electrical laboratory which discharges a stone gargoyle and the stone key. This allows the activation of a dynamite plunger that brings the edifice crumbling down. Caleb then scrambles through the wreckage and finds a hitherto inaccessible diner and cellar. A jaunt through the ductwork drops him into the freezer containing the fire key. This unveils a blood stained path to a crimson pit, although a secret way to a far colder climb awaits after retreating to the start of the level (OFB04: The Tower).

A short path to a teleporter whisks Caleb off to the far north, down a mountain slope leading to a mansion cleaved into the rock. Caleb blasts into the vestibule, explores around some spiral stairs and unlocks alternating sealed doors on either side of the main companionway. The first containing a testing chamber and the second a dining room, with both venturing outdoors for dizzying duels with gargoyles. This then provides access into a library, in the centre of which is a chasm leading into an icy hollow, with a freezing subterranean river just a quick detonation and cave-in away. Leaping from ice flow to ice flow, Caleb comes across another teleportation device which brings him back to the aforementioned bloody abyss (OFB07: Icy Palace).

Landing in a basin, surrounded by hostiles, a nearby doorway is sealed by several locks. At the bottom of the lake, a shipwreck contains a passage to a cavity containing an array of portals. One of them leads to a a series of spider-infested tunnels, providing the first spider key. Another descends into a lava strewn area containing a several ruins and columns, wherein a Cerberus and the next skull key waits. With two out of the three keys needed, Caleb gets into an altar room with the final eye key and dives back into the bloody depths to return to the original doorway. Beyond this threshold awaits a Stone Gargoyle, and a swinging wooden rope bridge. Battling through some stone structures along the cliff-face reveals a foggy passageway filled with Hands. This disgorges Caleb into a fleshy domain plus Mother Spider, before again being whisked away (OFB05: Lake of Blood).

Caleb materializes in a dark tunnel with meaty mounds and spires dotting the path forward, the literal guts of hell. Another portal opens, transmitting him to an organic arena to face a group of mini-bosses (either a clutch of Stone Gargoyles or pair of Cerberi). Conquering these foes brings up another teleporter, where an air car awaits to convey Caleb to to the final showdown with Tchernobog in the main hall of his new temple, accompanied by zombies and yet more gargoyles to keep him on his toes (OFB06: Into the guts of hell).


"Sorry guys, there was a major fault in one map. You couldn't finish map 5. Sorry." — Tom

Toms Map Pack[edit]

Toms Map Pack

"Hi guys, thanks for the constructive criticisms. I updated my first map and I begun constructing an episode ['Toms Map Pack' is my working title]. It's gonna be a while until it's finished. In the meantime: enjoy. You have to overwrite the original tiles007.art file. No worries, I used two blank spaces for new textures. Feel free to make a backup of the original. As always: I'm happy about critique." — Tom

An early work in progress draft from December 2, 2017.

Links: Episode link


"This is a very detailed and well crafted episode, lot's of enemies and action. Did not find the secret level but I will try to do that in the second run with another Blood port (Played it with GDX the first run). Thinking of trying how FS holds up in this. Had some FPS drops down to around 65 fps in a couple of places only but then again my PC isn't high end at all, otherwise the framerate was very stable. Very varied and fun episode, and great effects. I also had many moments where I just felt "WOW, how great does this look". I can tell you worked hard on this. This is honestly the most technically advanced addon since Deatwish. Great job, looking forward to seeing more Blood related content from you!"David "Tekedon" Wikström

"Truly amazing stuff. Some devious secrets there too... BTW, when coming back from the lava section of level 5, all the cultists waiting for you at the other side of the teleporter is super cheap. And the whole thing is a bit darker than it should imho, this is the very first time I move up my gamma slider a few notches up."Pedro Arturo Gomez "Pagb666" Blanco

"Nice detail! I like the use of the slanted floor transitions. I had to start peeking around corners after getting lit up by Cultists a dozen times."Dustin "Bloatoid" Twilley

"Best Blood mod I ever played, even if it's just 6 levels and one episode. The first level, I admit it is rather terrible, what with the verticality going on about it, but the rest of the levels are simply amazing. Going from map 2 and onwards, I just felt like I was playing Thief itself. I was hoping to see Episode 2, hopefully you're just busy right now and can get to work on it soon."Blackgrowl

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