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"Now entering New Town, home of Cabalco Industries' immense corporate Headquarters! Riots and civil uprisings are rarely a problem anymore! Overlooking the lovely burning river of White Rock, New Town is the near-perfect picture of a city only gently-oppressed by a giant, amoral megacorp! Sure, we admit that there are still the occasional ritual sacrifices, or kidnapping-by-dark, and yes, sometimes people disappear never to be seen or heard from again, but the streets are mostly safe and clean, and our economy is on the rise with only a few minor hiccups. We're New Town! Cabalco is our friend!"--Blood II: The Chosen level interstitial.

"It's clear that the citizens of New Town have a couple of severe problems... they are overfed and they are anal-expulsives. The combination is going to be lethal... for them. From the smell, their pipes could use a good cleaning. That's you, immortal demigod and living high-colonic. It is clearly Gideon's fault that you have fallen to this level. Ankle-deep in feces, as it were. Hmmm. You can add it to his bill and take it out in chunks."--Blood II: The Chosen level interstitial.

New Town is the city in which Cabalco's headquarters is located. A good deal of Blood II: The Chosen takes place there. The interstitial for Love Canal states that Cabalco built a housing division there. A note on the Frank Cotton Memorial Bridge says that it was opened in 1969, which indicates that New Town is at least that old, though the bridge could have predated the town.

In unused sound files from Blood II: The Chosen, Gideon mentions an "Old Town", where the "Channeling Knife" could be found. The Channeling Knife did not appear in the final game but was an ancient Cabal artifact that could be used to control the rifts (thus it was probably related to the Singularity Generator). This hints that the Cabal used to exert influence over Old Town.

Fan Media[edit]

The fan fiction Beware of Those That Have Nothing to Lose depicts that New Town was once a small old west frontier community that had grown into a sprawling city by 1928 and an even bigger one by 2028. It also depicts that it is the closest town to the Hall of the Epiphany.

In parallel, the fan fiction Blood 2: The Unforgiven mentions that all of New Town was constructed by Cabalco.

"Old Town" is the starting place in the fan game Lokemundux Cruo - The World of Blood.