Michael and Peggy DeLand

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Michael "Hawke" and Peggy "isande" DeLand were a husband and wife mapping team for Blood. Curiously, he always spelt his surname as "De Land" while she spelt it as "DeLand". Such variations also appeared on their listings on Game Leader.

Mike's Maps[edit]

"Additional credits to my wife, Peggy, for helping to figure out that blasted MapEdit. Also, the contributors to the Blood MapEdit Forum." — WATERFUN.TXT

Peggy's Maps[edit]

"Additional credits to my husband, Michael DeLand (Hawke) for insight and help solving the problems I had with this map." — ZOO.TXT

This level also appeared on Level Pack 6: Additions for Blood, and has been said to be one of the better entries on the set.