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For the 3D Game Creation System example game by Blood level designer Terry Hamel, see his biography.

Meltdown is a program for searching Blood, Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior and Redneck Rampage internet servers hosted on it's own Master server. It also works as a Server launcher for these games. The program is developed by Poda, and is currently supported by both modern and older Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Due to it's easy to use, extensive and user-friendly interface Meltdown became the Most used Multiplayer platform for Blood, and is Mainly used to host Bloodbath and cooperative netgames with the help of Dosbox IPX Emulation.


  • Easy built-in Server management tools.
  • Chat and lobbies.
  • Ability to Invite players to a Private lobby.
  • Mods and Custom maps support.
  • Hundereds of custom maps, Including the ones uploaded daily.
  • Customizable GUI, Program sounds and settings ... etc
  • Lobbies and Players lists.


Meltdown has been criticised for facilitating piracy, and there's clear evidence it is a trojan with several players reporting their PCs being crashed. hmm

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