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"It’s funny to think back now, that I received the product as a gift. If it wasn’t for that coincidental acquisition of Blood, as it were, I might’ve never played or even seen the game. It wasn’t on shelves for very long down here in South Africa and it didn’t receive a whole lot of attention or positive praise, yet that simple attainment of the great game that is Blood set into motion a series of events that have ultimately shaped me as a person. Due to the severe lack of media that inspired Blood in my country, I experienced what most Blood players did in reverse; i.e. while many could chuckle at Caleb’s defining line; ‘I Live... Again!’ I had to actually seek out Army of Darkness and laugh at Evil Ash’s rendition of it. Perhaps you think it trivial, but if it was not for Blood I would not have come into contact with all the great movies and literature that Blood is based on. I would not have had such a high standard to hold later titles, which would’ve proven to be ineffectual in comparison, against and, most importantly, I wouldn’t have ever come into contact with the wonderful and talented individuals that existed on Blood and Blood related forums. Thinking back, I think I’ve been creating Blood maps for roughly seven years now and I’ve ever so slowly taught myself to use Mapedit by hand as, unfortunately, I didn’t have the resources available to be a part of the early online Blood groups that may have existed. Thus I couldn’t access Blood map-making information or any usermaps to compare to at all in the first few years and made some truly horrendous monstrosities, but I have slowly refined my work and learnt the tricks of the trade and this has culminated in the product you see before you, the Rage Against The Machine campaign. It is my gift and promise to Blood and its remaining community – my statement saying that there are still those who stand with this product after all this and that the game itself deserves constant recognition and focus." — Rage Against the Machine Episode 1 Readme

Matthew Kallis (known as Daedalus) is a South African Bloodite best known as one of the founders of The Postmortem, as well as creator of the Sin Campaign and later Rage Against the Machine aka Fate of the Damned custom add-ons for the original Blood. He is now also the founder of the Altar of Stone fan website.

"I am Matthew Kallis. I am more commonly known as "Daedalus" in various online BLOOD communities. I have been a somewhat active participant in BLOOD's online scene since the early 2000's, first featuring on Monolith Productions' forum, then the Transfusion project's forum, then The Postmortem forum and, most recently, the Altar of Stone forum. I am very fond of developing content for BLOOD and am the owner of the Altar of Stone website, but I would rather bore you to death with writing about BLOOD than talk about myself. Suffice it to say that I have been around for a long time and am an ardent advocate of BLOOD, who knows quite a bit about the game." — Fate of the Damned 1.1 readme