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"My brother Martin just sent me the link to [Blood.Freeminded.De]. I must say it is really cool to see our maps on here that we made about 10 years ago and to see that other people have enjoyed playing them. We made loads of maps and spent 100's hours playing blood and using mapedit and had a loads of fun with it. Actually the maps were mainly just made for me and Martin to play, hence the 'secret hideouts' with elaborate trap switches that are pretty much impossible to figure out how to access without looking in mapedit."Jason Brentnall, May 21, 2012

Martin and Jason Brentnall are two brothers known for their Blood custom maps.

Martin's Maps[edit]

Journey to Hell[edit]

"The Hidden City starts you off in a city, you have to escape from the city and continue on your journey to Hell. You will encounter many enemies through this level. Hell's Gate continues from Level 1. This time you find yourself searching an old castle. Hell's Centre us quite small but it is very difficult. You are in hell this time." — Official description

A trilogy of levels later included in The Lost Episodes compilation. Files dated from February 1, 1998.

  • The Hidden City
  • Hell's Gate
  • Hell's Centre

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Jason's Maps[edit]

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