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Lokemundux Cruo - The World of Blood Logo
Lokemundux Cruo - The World of Blood

Developer: Joakim "Wrim" Widell

Publisher: N/A

Designer: Joakim "Wrim" Widell

Engine: Modified World Of Phaos

Version: N/A

Released: 2010

Genre: Turn-based Role-Playing game

Modes: N/A

Platforms: Platform Independent


ISBN-10: N/A

Media: Online

Lokemundux Cruo - The World of Blood was an online turn-based role-playing game written in PHP based on the free software project World Of Phaos created by Zeke "Wrim" Walker. All code was released under version three of the GNU General Public License. The game included artwork and music from Blood. It is no longer online and was last archived by the Wayback Machine on March 13, 2016.


The premise of the game is to experience the universe of Blood in a role-playing environment. The player starts out in Old Town, a town referenced by Gideon in an un-used sound-file that can be found in the Blood II: The Chosen data files. After reaching level 10 the ability to create a Cult is unlocked; which resembles portions of the Cabal sort of like say Opus Dei is to the Catholic Church. The only Cult available so far is The Order Of Heavenly Blood which praises Tchernobog and lets their members work their way up through the ranks of the Cabal. In the Blood fiction time line it takes place during the reign of the sixteenth incarnation of Tchernobog, somewhere between 1800 and 1928.

Current state and future[edit]

The script is slowly getting transformed to fit the Blood fiction universe. Since it's based on a classic Dungeons & Dragons format, there is still the ability to choose different races (human, orc, etc) but that will be changed in the future. There may later be an option to select the various monsters in Blood, such as s Gill Beast or a Zombie class, if the public wants it. New weapons and monsters are added every week.

The following enemies are currently available:

The latest enemy to be added was the "Flame Guy", known from the occasional flame-bug in Blood.

The base script had lots of bugs and there isn't much more to the game than a basic level-up system, but there are additional modifications and tweaks out there that could be added to make the game more interesting. One future goal would be a reward-system where the player would get experience or gold by answering questions about the game Blood, such as knowledge about the Cultist Language, the time-line or the enemies.

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