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Note: all of GeoCities was taken down on October 27, 2009, so all sites hosted on that service are only accessible through the Wayback Machine or other archives such as Oocities or Reocities.

Early draft of the official Blood homepage

This article outlines the various websites about Blood, not including official websites for projects or independent sections of larger sites.

Major Websites[edit]

The following websites have been deemed notable enough to feature their own articles.

First the sites still currently online:

The following were notable in their heyday but are now offline:

Another prominent Blood community has been the forums hosted by the Transfusion project, as well as the Blood Discord server.

Middle Websites[edit]

Blood Facebook[edit]

Facebook fan art

A page hosted on the social networking site Facebook. The site contains a well complimented screamshot gallery, a small fan art gallery, a collection of Caleb quotations, two listed videos, and some storyline notes. It can be considered most notable by being maintained by a French man, and as such has some French translations of the Blood storyline. It also contains a few discussions, mostly typical Bloodite talk such as the possibility of a "Blood III" and talking about the possibility of a Blood source release. It has two fan art pieces created by the site maintainer to which it was unique until the images were found and merged into the Blood Wiki gallery on September 30, 2009. The maintainer is a listed as a fan on the Blood Wiki page on Facebook. The site also links several times to The Postmortem.


Karthik's Blood Website[edit]


A site about Blood by Karthik Abhirama Krishna mostly discussing the shareware version but also talks about the full version and a bit about Blood II: The Chosen and some other games (such as Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Duke Nukem 3D). It hosts information about enemies, weapons, cheat codes, story line, game structure, system requirements, and credits. It also hosts the Blood desktop theme, Blood music, screamshots, the shareware version, and some fan made wallpapers.

Link: (Internet Archive, ReoCities Archive)

Caleb's Corner[edit]

A site by Steven "Baytor" Clubb (who later became a major contributor to Planet Blood) which contains guides to Blood enemies, weapons, walkthroughs, and secrets. A lot of this text was copied to and hosted on Planet Blood.

Link: (Tchernobog's Archives), Baytor's Love Shack (archived), Caleb's Corner on ReoCities (archived)

Steven's Blood Page[edit]

A website by Steven, with input by Andrew Greg and Angela, that lists a wide variety of game notes.

Zaphod's Blood Page[edit]

A site by Dan "Zaphod" Rouse, last updated October 21, 1998, that listed cheats, links, hints, secrets (with Vincent Ledoux), cheat codes, screamshots and custom maps and mirrors for the Blood shareware.


The Pit of Blood[edit]

A website by Desmond Shepherd primarily for hosting custom maps for Blood, but also featuring the usual cheats and links - with a specific project called Evil Uprising. It was last updated on December 28, 1997.



A detailed "Blood zone" for the site featuring custom levels, news, files, cheats, story notes, screamshots, cutscene previews, music and other content. It was never fully competed because of the distraction of making a Quake zone, and the last news post is from January 29, 1998.


Blood SuperSite[edit]

A section hosted by that hosted pages titled "Description", "Beasts", "Demos", "Patches", "Map Editor", "Win95 Theme", "Cheats", "Blood Pool", "Ladder", "Reviews" and "Links".


Bloodphreak's Blood Section[edit]

A site about Blood that contains a page about Blood enemies, weapons, screamshots, cheat codes, and a now inaccessible custom map.


Bloody Hell[edit]

What appears to have been a large site, featuring maps, cheats, secrets, files, weapons, monsters, uploads, prizes and items. It is not very well archived through the Wayback Machine.


Ivan's Blood Page[edit]

A page by Ivan Sugiarso, of Indonesia, that lists story notes, screamshots, cheat codes, links, secrets and hints and a download for the Windows theme. It was launched on July 12, 1997 and was last updated on July 21, 1997.


Fandangos Guys Blood Page[edit]

A website that contained news, cheats, story and feature notes, links and various files and user maps - including an add-on project.


Ristaze's Blood Page[edit]

A website by Ristaze that contained game notes, cheats, Cryptic Passage promos, custom maps and modding information.


Minor Websites[edit]

Jaymez's Blood Page[edit]

A site introducing Blood and containing what appears to be an in development back story that talks about never completed features such as the Bloodlust and an alternate history for Tchernobog and Caleb. It also contains a custom map recreating the first deathmatch level of Quake.

Also known as Certain Death.

Link: (Internet Archive, ReoCities Archive)

Mojoash's Blood Page[edit]

A page about Blood that contains links, cheat codes, an incorrect link to Blood II: The Chosen, and a personal diary.


Eternal Blood[edit]

A site by John featuring story notes, cheat codes, links, custom maps and various file paths. Its logo was by Charlie Beaupre and it was a member of the Blood Pool web ring.


Tempest's Blood Page[edit]

A section by Cho Yan Wong (aka Tempest) containing a custom map called "Sin" (included in volume two of Blood Chronicles) and a theme; he is thanked in the Blood credits. It used to be a larger sub-section of his site, but he later scaled this back.


The New 3D Gaming Scene - Blood[edit]

A section of a much larger website on 3D and 2.5D gaming, that featured a short overview of the game, cheats, screamshots and a variety of file links.


Game Planet Presents Blood[edit]

An overview of Blood by the Game Planet website with sections on enemies, weapons, items, secrets, maps, MapEdit, cheats, and links.

Also known as Michael's 3D Games Site.


Pinemans Blood Stuff[edit]

A small website that is largely a collection of links.


Joe's Blood Page[edit]

A website by Joe Stevens featuring cheats, images and reviews.


My Blood Page[edit]

A website by Harman, featuring cheats, maps, screamshots and utility links.


Delfi's Blood Page[edit]

A part of the larger "Delfi's Gaming Page" containing Blood files, patches and cheat codes, noting that "Blood is the best multiplayer 3d shooter game ever".


Steves Blood Cheats and Secrets[edit]

A website by Steve Wells that contained, as the title says, cheats and secrets help as well as other information. This was also compiled and constituted into a text file called "bloodfaq.txt". He shut down the site on July 21, 1997 after having to focus on his studies and having not been able to purchase the full version of the game at that time. He also received help from a number of listed volunteers.



An otherwise untitled website, that, despite apparent indications, simply hosted versions of the Blood cutscenes.



A site by Tjaiden that sought to contain "general game news and information, hints and tips, cheat codes, user made levels, and more", but now is primarily notable for its commentary regarding the release of Blood II: The Chosen and other events; partly because of its archived status. It was launched on July 3, 1998 and the last update was on April 19, 1999.


Stash's Blood Review[edit]

A site about Blood containing story line, screamshots, cheat codes, enemies, items, weapons and a game review.


Hank's Blood Page[edit]

A page by Hank claiming to house "the most up-to-date files page and the most up-to-date cheats page". Its logo was by Charlie Beaupre.

Link: h

Scrop Underground - Blood Net[edit]

A website that lists several custom maps for download, the file links still work through the Wayback Machine.


The Blood Pool[edit]

A website that Chris Scharling that posted news, links, a custom map and some game information. It was a member of the web ring of the same name.


Jack's Spanish Blood Page[edit]

A website reviewing Blood in the Spanish language.


Rob's Blood Page[edit]

A website basically only containing the game's cheat codes and non-archived images.


Nailer's Blood Page[edit]

See Also: List of Mods for Blood#Nailer's Blood Page

A website hosting several modifications for Blood by different people as well as some map editing tutorials.


The Krunatus Blood Page[edit]

See Also: List of Mods for Blood#The Krunatus Blood Page

A page about Blood by Krunatus which lists story line, fan sites, and offers downloads of some custom maps and sounds from Blood. The name "Krunatus" is derived from the cultist word "crunatus" meaning "blood brother", the user name is actually an acronym for "Kinetic Robotic Unit Normally for Assassination, Troubleshooting and Ultimate Sabotage" created by a name generator.


The Blood Links[edit]

3D Frontiers[edit]

Access Denied[edit]

My Stupid Place[edit]

Game Giant[edit]

Bloodbath Archives[edit]

Lost Websites[edit]

These sites are known by reference/scant fragment only (quotes from the Official Blood Pool, Zaphod's Blood Page and Games Planet Presents):

  • Rock_Sockm Blood Site - "This page also has forums and some other great BLOOD related areas."
  • Tim Nikkel's Blood Links - "Really interesting page that has tons of BLOOD stuff."
  • The Hackers Guide to Blood - "Probably one of the best BLOOD pages there is! This page has some great editing info, news, and tons more! BOOKMARK THIS PAGE!"
  • If you want BLOod you got it... - "Wicked awesome page! Try this site now or you'll regret it."
  • The Bleeding Pit - "Great page with cheats, my little monsters and more. Check it out!"
  • N A I L H E A D ' S Blood Site - "Nice page with current news and info."
  • Blood's Unofficial Map Edit Site - "This Blood site is the most helpful one that I've seen yet. It contains help on making Blood maps. In a little while, you can be making maps as good as the ones in Blood."
  • Beavis53's Blood Page - "This is a very informative Blood page that has one of the largest collection of Blood maps on the internet. You'll also find the latest info on Blood and some great links." (merged into The Blood Shack)
  • Arjan's Blood Page - "This is the place to go if you're looking for the best Blood maps on the internet. Arjan Van Rossen makes excellent deathmatch and single player maps. Check out his page!"
  • Bloody_Ninja's Blood page. - "A BLOOD page featuring: Items/Weapons/Beast description-d/ls-mapediting lessons/faq/files-AND MORE..."
  • Blood for All - "Hints and Tips on the Entire Game!!!"
  • Jim's Blood Page - "Cool pics, info, patches, and of course, codes!!"
  • Paul's Bath - "User maps and tools"
  • The Blood Basement - "Bloody files... Downloads and Maps"
  • AGAMEMNON's Blood Editing Page - "Come here for cool maps and help with Mapedit!"
  • LarchOye's Bloody Home - "my thoughts about, and a few pics of... Blood!"
  • Astaroth's Realm of Blood - "Info. Editing. etc. One of the originals."
  • Kyle's Blood Page - "Blood Maps, Files, Links and cheats."
  • Blood/ICQ Page - "This site will help Blood enthusiasts to find each other for chatting and fragging!"
  • Ron & Louis's BLOOD! Site - "This site describes all the enemies, weapons, and items of This site describes all the enemies, weap"
  • Nikodemusī BLOOD-Page - "a serious Blood-Page with lotīs of great stuff..."
  • geronimo home page - "add-ons for pc(warcraft2,duke nukem 3d,blood,pod) emulators"
  • Prey to Human Silence - "A page about Blood with a lot of stuff!"
  • Welcome To Clan Blood - "My Bloody web page!"
  • corpz's attic of death - "new maps, a speacial secrets section, and MORE"
  • The Furor`s Blood page -"Good and usefull (also a good layout)!"
  • Stefans Homeapge - "One hell of a Blood Page. ALL the weapons, ALL the Badguys, AND much more. Please visit this me!!"
  • Loco Page - "PC Games Ect"
  • Ethan's Blood Site - "All the latest info on the best game ever created, BLOOD!"
  • Intimate Illusions - "Everything from Blood to CakwalkPro"
  • State of art - "My homepage features Blood stuff, 3dart, my music."
  • robd2002's Blood - "Codes"
  • Master Bean`s Webpage - "COOL BLOOD STUFF AND HACKING STUFF TOO (sign the guestbook)"
  • CLAN-WKYA - "WKYA clan homepage"
  • ostronic - 3D games
  • Chocolates blood page - "Stuff on blood"
  • vladimir's bloody page - "cheat codes, monster animation etc."
  • Vladimir's World - "Cheat Codes And Lot And Lots Of monsters"
  • LARRYS BLOOD PAGE - "cheats,links"
  • SkyLiters Blood Page - "Bloood stuff"
  • undertaker's "My blood site come find out abunch about blood"
  • Hex hompage - "Blood, Maps, Me, My girlfriend."
  • chemical euphoria's gamez - "All the latest PC games including a huge section on blood. Chat room and forum. Don't miss out."
  • !!!!!!!! JOJO'S BLOOD & DUKE3D SITE !!!! - "It's a site for Duke nukem and Blood (download,cheats,Buildhelp,Files,and much more !!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • DUKE NUKEM 3D DOWNLOADS - "cheats, user maps, con files, secrets, dukematch strategies"
  • The Blood Lair - "Blood and Blood2 news, Pics, Codes, Files, Maps etc."
  • Maps made for Blood - "Nice maps, made for blood"
  • Maps made with blood Very nice levels for blood..."
  • Gemini's Blood Page - "Blood and all there is about it!"


  • Cult of Phoebus - Blood
  • Donuts Blood site
  • Nikodemus'Blood-Page
  • BoneThugz Graveyard
  • Fandagos Guys BLOOD page
  • Delif's Blood Page
  • Davids Blood Page
  • Demos Blood Page
  • Bloodphreak's domain of Blood
  • Bloodiest's Blood Page

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