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Blood II customize menu

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The following is a list of mods, add-ons and custom maps made for Blood II: The Chosen.


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Due to the unpolished rushed release of the game, as well as the rapid availability of the game's source code by April 20, 1999, many tweak mods were made for Blood II. It should be noted that most of these are mutually incompatible with one another however. The newest and most extensive is Extra Crispy, but the others are listed below. Similar efforts were made for Shogo: MAD, such as Greased With Lovin and most recently with Aegis.


A tweak mod for Blood II: The Chosen, which most notably adds a heal spell and shield spell to the Voodoo Doll; used as a base for "bBlooDfFreEk".

Links: Voodoo 1.4 Download, bBloODfFreEk sample mod for blood2

Absynthe's Mod[edit]

"Now available for download is my minor Blood2 mod for both Blood2 and the Nightmares addon. Frustrated with not being to have precise control over your display settings. Ever wished that Blood2 have a 'custom' setting just like Shogo: Mobile Armor Division? Well now you can with this minor patch. Also included is the 'John Woo Akimbo' patch which fires your magums and flare guns alternately for maximum style. Hopefully I'll get the shotguns to work the same way later. No further updates will be made to this mod. I've decided to move on to other things. Other mods for Blood2 may be incompatible with mine." — Official description

Another tweak mod for Blood II: The Chosen which added a custom setting to the detail selection and made akimbo weapons fire in "John Woo mode".

Link: Absynthe's Pad, ModDB, b2-add-on-absynthe.rar

Bernie's Silly Mod[edit]

Bernie's Silly Mod

Bernie's Silly Mod is a modification developed in 1999 which adds various changes for the sake of humour or just random creativity. It does not add any additional levels or content, but does change various skins, animations, and enemy behaviours. These changes include new textures for most weapons, weapons fire animations were sped up or slowed down depending on the model, new firing modes for Submachine Gun, the Death Ray beams were changed to red, Assault Rifle bombs have a new texture, some new weapons such as the rocket launcher from the fellow LithTech game Shogo: MAD which replaces the Howitzer, the majority of magazines for the weapons has a new texture, most of the enemies have a new texture, Soul Drudge have a new way to attack, Shikari are now faster and have a new way to attack from the air, new explosion textures, new animation for the Orb, new Innocents textures, Hell Hands have a new texture, the Life Leech has a new texture with the inscription "666", new menus and loading screens, and a new skin for the Bone Leeches.


"Guzz has just released Limb Loss 1.1! This time, the fatal crash bug that was in the previous version is fixed. (That was down to the .rez having been compiled with the Nightmares addon installed, causing it to fail on non-Nightmares PCs.) He has released it in Blood2 (735Kb) and Nightmares (352Kb) flavors, although the Nightmares version is currently untested. Here's a list of the current features: visible severed limbs on most enemy types, limb-loss while enemy still alive, decapitation-shots can kill certain enemy types, improved enemy reactions, no bullet-gibs while enemy alive (still happens to corpse's though), [and] decreased player-death gib chance... Download them today and experience Blood2 (and hopefully Nightmares) as it was supposed to be!"Tom Bramwell, April 25, 1999

This modification was never fully completed, but still released several versions. Like FX Enhancer, it changes many different parts of the game-play of Blood II. These include relatively minor changes, such as allowing the akimbo shotgun to fire all four barrels and increasing the power of some weapons, to more major changes such as the inclusion of the author's "Limbloss" modification (a completion of work done by Monolith that allows the decapitation and dismemberment of victims, almost as an early version of what would later be known as "gore zones") and the reprogramming of Soul Drudges to make them act more like Axe Zombies. The mod was created by Andy "Guzz" Guillaume, who also created:

Links: Official website, ModDB, Game Pressure, Transfusion Forums

FX Enhancer[edit]

FX Enhancer

FX Enhancer is a Blood II: The Chosen modification that changes various aspects of the game. While it does not add any new levels or textures, it aims to improve the gameplay of the original retail game. Like The Festival of Blood, FX Enhancer hopes to make Blood II more similar to the original Blood. However, instead of focusing on stylistic and theme differences, FX Enhancer focuses on gameplay and game attributes. There are several changes to the games weapons, sound effects, enemy intelligence, character attributes, menu music, cheat codes, interface and other elements of Blood II. It served as base for the most recent and complete tweak mod, Extra Crispy. The modification was created by Tren, a Bloodite from the United Kingdom who also submitted the images "Evolution of Caleb" and "Caleb versus Recon" to The Crypt Fan Art Contest.

Links: Official website, Mod DB, Planet Blood interview

Redux Cruo[edit]



Mini HUD, Robed Enemies, Silver Guns, Centered Weapons, Pikachu




BloodBath Maps[edit]


"Blood II: Nightmares - MEGA Mappack 2014. This mappack contains 76 maps that were scattered in files all around the web. I made them into a single package - just copy the .rez file into the "custom" directory inside Blood 2 and select it in the launcher. Pro-Tip: If you run the map BB_02_CITYHUB, you can start a coop session with a friend :o) Also take a look at my website, - I'm running some dedicated servers there." — schmatzler

The majority of all maps created for Blood II: The Chosen were created purely for BloodBath purposes. Although these maps were created by several different authors and hosted several different places over the years, you can find several websites which have brought them together for download. The maps contain everything from single player BloodBath conversions, maps from other games, to new multiplayer arenas. Theses maps were created by Kurt "Headhunter" Blackwell, Joe Volante, Michael Gehri, Arjan "Bloodmaster" Kerren, Robert Missionario, as well as many others.

Blood 2 Map Pack:
BB_Hang'em High2

Links: Blood 2 Map Pack (Mirror), Blood 2 BloodBath Map Pack, MEGA Mappack 2014

Ze Rein's Bastard CTF[edit]

Bastard CTF

Ze Rein's Bastard CTF is a Blood II: The Chosen multiplayer modification that adds a thoroughly twisted and haunting take on the awesome McKinley Revival map from the Quake sequel to Blood2 in full Lithtech glory. The mod features tons of enhancements, numerous fixes, multiplayer weapons and a healthy dose of spooky madness to the online mayhem. An entire host of new character skins and costumes are also made available for your gibbing pleasure. Although this is a multiplayer mod at heart, the Bastard CTF mod can also be used when playing through the single-player campaign of Blood2.

Links: ModDB, Y2K Marine

Outz CTF[edit]


A conversion of six Bloodbath maps to capture the flag mode by Outsiders71 (Outz):


Link: OutzCTFAddon.exe

Outz also created his own BB_OutzArena and BB_OutzUrban maps, as well as working on BB_OutzArjanEgypt with Arjan "Bloodmaster" Kerren.

He also did a series of replacements for the various Chosen taunts:

As well as some skins:

And finally a modification that speeds up weapon action, as well as one that converts Thiefs into rats, makes them and similar opponents come off easier

Blood 2K5[edit]

Hospital of Souls

"I have finally released my mini Singleplayer MOD for Blood 2 called "B2K5". It replaces the first 3 retail levels of the game with 2 new never been seen before singleplayer levels and 1 previously released level. Why the title B2K5? Well... I actually started this mod some 3+ years ago but through real-life things, procrastination, and other games taking up my time, I never got anything to a releasable state until now. Not only does this mod contain some new levels, but it also includes early beta material from Kurt Fuhr's Blood 2 Resurrection MOD as well as small pieces from my favorite B2 mods. Huge thanks go out to Kurt, Predator, Guzz, Arjan, Hades and others for thier individual work (having nothing to do with my mod) Please look at the B2K5.txt for a full list of credits. Hopefully this will only be the beginning as I have some other maps partially done, I just wanted to get something out for people to play and enjoy while we wait for Kurt's hard work to pay off. I hope everyone enjoys, I never claim to be a professional mapper but I hope this MOD helps bring back some old memories of Blood, it has for me." — Forum post

Blood 2K5 (also known as B2K5 or Blood 2005) is a Blood II: The Chosen modification that adds new single player levels to the game. The plot revolves around Ishmael, who appears to have gone against Caleb. The player has to move through a variety of locales, including graveyards, road houses, and finally a hospital. The modification includes early development files from Blood II: Resurrection, such as more traditional looking cultists, fanatics and zombies. One level was created by Joe Volante, another a modified Psycho Circus retail level, and finally the hospital level which was created by Alexandre "Hades" Vancomerbeck. It was originally created in 2005 (explaining the title), but the finished modification was released on November 20, 2007.

Links: Download, GameFront, Transfusion Forums (Early Thread, Survey Thread), Postmortem Forums

The Festival of Blood[edit]

The Festival of Blood

"Welcome everyone to the opening of the Festival of Blood web page. This page is for mod that was created for the game Blood 2: The Chosen, it is a partial recreation of Blood 1 BloodBath. It has 7 completly new maps including your original favorites Click!, Bodies, and Midgaurd... At last, the Festival Of Blood MOD has arrived. This MOD is made for blood2 bloodbath (you could use it to play single player maps too, it's fun anyway!), it's my ode to blood1. This MOD contains all I could do to bring back a bit of nostalgia from those good ol' blood days! With the help of some online friends I can now present to you the Festival Of Blood, I hope you are going to like it because I have put a lot of effort into this thing. Go to the maps page and see how the classic and new maps look!" — News posts

A modification that adds Blood style touches to Blood II: The Chosen as well as a lot of other original touches. The main goal of the modification was to bring back a more classic Blood atmosphere to Blood II BloodBath. This was done by bringing back elements such as sounds, levels, models, and graphics back from the original Blood, as well as several original ideas the authors thought would benefit the experience. These new changes include new skins for Gabriella and Ishmael, as well as new animated effects for water, mud, and lava. The modification was created by Arjan "Bloodmaster" Kerren and Randall "WKYA-Undertaker" Briggs, and was released on December 31, 2000.

Website: Official website, ModDB


Gods 2[edit]

Gods 2

"Your fate is sealed... Welcome to Port Atlas traveller. You have just stepped into the world of Gods 2, an add-on pack being designed for Monolith's cool game Blood 2, The Chosen. With the use of this handy map and tour guide named 'Bill' we've provided you, there should be few problems finding your way around. As time passes you will find lots of interesting things happening in the town of Port Atlas so don't hesitate to come back once in a while. Enjoy your stay, and don't forget to sign in at the hotel. They're expecting you..." — Official description

The intended sequel to the Gods, the Epic Trilogy for the original Blood by Joel and Kurt Blackwell (aka Reactor and Headhunter), last reported as active on March 18, 2000. The website is written in a fashion akin to a piece of hypertext fiction.

Links:, Planet Blood interview


BB_ARJAN hoverpads

"Maim is basically a commercial add-on, for free. Maim will feature new enemies, a new boss, new weapons, as well as all new maps. Maim will feature some things that stick out. Ex: dynamic-like story. Play as all four of the chosen, each with their own levels, and cut-scenes. The story will vary depending on which character you choose, when you choose him/her." — Official description

Single-player focused project ran by Jerk, Arjan "Bloodmaster" Kerren, Andy "Guzz" Guillaume and others operating as Illusions Software and hosted by The Blood Shack. It was to be set after the collapse of the Cabal following Blood II and the power struggles that followed. The campaign was to be played as any of the Chosen, each with their own levels and objectives. It was to feature new weapons, with new models, some new enemies as well as redone enemies, and all new AI; with at least one gothic level ala the original Blood. Switching the effort over to LithTech 1.5 was also seriously considered. The mod remains largely undocumented online since the project site ( remains inaccessible, and the mod's creators feared spoilers.

"Maim is moving along slowly but steadily, we have everything in place now (level outlines and character sketches) we still need a modeler but I'm sure we'll find someone eventually. Right now we have Guzz coding in some new enemy behaviour for a new enemy. Both Arjan and myself are hard at work on the levels (which are looking spectacular) and basically the whole thing is falling together nicely (slowly, but nice nonetheless.) The levels are set up nicely and there will definitely be replay value, there is more than 1 route to take through the game and it will change every time (enemies will be doing different things and stuff). For anyone who thought MAIM was dead, think again. This thing is gonna get done and its gonna blow some minds (we hope). I hope to finish the level I am currently working on by the middle of June and I'm going to release it as a 'maim demo' just to give you a taste of what we're all about. "Rhnegative, June 5, 2000

Links: Interview with Jerk, 2 Pack nr2

Beyond the Rift[edit]

"The story so far... After years of testing and research on the rift and where it went by the cabal, they discovered that it was simply an altered reality caused by the lack of the presence of their dark god Tchernobog, who's powers were now controlled by a shadowy figure who goes by the name of Caleb. Originally the Cabal had planned to overrun the altered reality and use these monsters as their army, but their plan backfired.... big time! What the Cabal planned to do was actually the same thing the otherworldly creatures planned also, the only thing was the Cabal were still not ready for such an onslaught, but not only that, they are here to kill Caleb so that they can take his power and merge the 2 dimensions , emerging from their death ridden universe that is based on decay and pain. Now Caleb is in search of a way to close the rift PERMANENTLY. But without knowing how to completely control his powers he must first seek out a tome that will teach him how to not only control his powers but also give him the power to close the rift. That book, the necronomicon which is found deep within a Cabal fortress. This will be Caleb's bloodiest journey yet... This is a freeware add-on for Blood2: the chosen by Monolith productions. Instead of a regular add-on we have decided to release the levels and miscelanious improvements gradually until we are finished. In this we hope to tide people over until the larger add-ons such as Gods2 or MAIM. These levels are free, and we trust that no one will steal the levels and re-release them under their own names. — Project website

BloodShed BloodBath Map

An obscure add-on project by N'àme Softwares posted on Planet Blood that pledged to release its efforts gradually, rather than in one go when finished. The story section mentions Caleb's quest to fully close the rifts to prevent either the Cabal or the forces of the other reality from merging the two realms for their own purposes. To do this, he is seeking the wisdom contained in the Necronomicon. Only the earliest drafts of the site from 1999 are particularly preserved, leading to later developments on the project largely undocumented today.

"A Busy Agenda: 2088, a new evil as risen. 60 years since the defeat of the Cabal at the hand of the great betrayer, Caleb. But the cult has not said its last word. Only, a savage ancient leader of the Cabal, Kaith, has returned from a realm the High Priests had exiled him to. The man had been once throned ruler and had ruled the cabal for many years, until his own High Priests became concerned with his lack of discipline and started to question his loyalty when he refused to sacrifice his victim to the Dark God, Tchernobog. The victim had been his sister. Kaith was banished to a realm, a realm of decay, and horror. Within a few years, he lost his mind. His only resource of survival was his knowledge of the dark arts. These powers did not go unnoticed, the dark serpent god, Dambala, and Ogun, the Voodoo god of war, found him lying in his own gore in a small cave. His spirit still inhabiting the corpse. They saw a good chance of overthrowing the cabal, which was now a major religion. So they bargenned with the spirit to revive it and return him to his home realm if he was willing to lead their undead army into fight against the Cabal. Kaith accepted the offer but also had an agenda of his own. He was going to kill Tchernobog and absorb its powers to become unstoppable. Kaith began building his army of undead warriors as soon as he returned, they were re-incarnated from the dead bodies of humans. The name most people would give them- Zombies. The Cabal were ready for this onslaught, they had well trained fanatics to defend them. An Undead Hero: When he returned to his realm, he discovered that over 500 years had passed. And that Tchernobog had already been vanquished by another, a man named Caleb. Kaith instantly vowed to destroy the man known as Caleb, and take the power which he thought rightfully belonged to him. The Cabal blame Kaith's return on Caleb, they believe that somehow by defeating the ancient one Caleb disturbed the dimensional fabric and released Kaith from the horrors of the dark dimension. Now Caleb is caught in the middle of two bloodthirsty armies, bent on each other's destruction."Later story draft

Two demo levels were released:

In 1999 it was said to feature fifteen levels. While as of June 2000, the project's intended features included:

  • 15-20 single player levels
  • 5-10 multiplayer levels
  • New variety of enemies
  • New variety of weapons
  • New skins / textures

While their section hosted these two Bloodbath maps:

They also hosted these two mods:

Links: PlanetBlood page, Downloads, All archived files (Later story, News page, Water tutorial, Model tutorial, Files,)

Mandatory Suicide[edit]

Mandatory Suicide

A modification where you take the role of Caleb's little known twin brother Carl, who is in deep envy of his brother's immortality and adventures. Until one day he decides to have an insane adventure of his own, planning to top it off with a jump off a tall building. Some of the development mod files are released on its website. These include one urban level, with several unique areas, such as many jumping puzzles involving crates, a MacDonalds fast food restaurant (complete with deep fat firers) and a bedroom apartment including a computer playing Doom II (complete with sound effects). There are a few notable new models, such as a police car, a new civilian skin with a red shirt, a skateboard ramp, ketchup bottles, soda cans, pencils, papers, movie posters for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Reservoir Dogs, and a tweak to the Sawed-Off Shotgun to make it silver (there are also a few changes made to the bottom bar). The project started out with Rog3D, more of a modeler, who later recruited others to help him in areas of mapping. It was being developed by Roger (Rog3d), Chris "Rhnegative" Chitaroni, and MailMan. The released portion was sent out on November 5, 1999.

Links: Website, Download

Blood II: Resurrection

Blood II: Resurrection[edit]

Blood II: Resurrection was a modification project that aimed to create "a complete overhaul and re-visualization of Blood 2 and the Blood universe" by supplying a "brand new storyline" that sought "to correct many of Blood 2's mistakes." It was worked on by Kurt Fhur with a soundtrack being composed by Nicola "Neurological" Capecci, and was first formally started on October 31, 2007 (with work stretching back all the way to 2001) and was in public development, with many released screamshots and a couple of videos, until November 2011 when Fhur stopped updating the blog regularly, although still insisting that development was continuing in private. The last post on the blog dates to November 28, 2012, with the last post on The Postmortem forums on September 22, 2013 where he announced that B2R was on hiatus. The official website came down in 2015 and Mod DB has declared the mod archived. He also experimented with LithTech Jupiter and the Unreal Development Kit.

A previous mod titled Blood 2: Resurrection was also in production back in 1999 by Phalanx Software (also attempted developer of the Leuk Bot self-teaching AI system for LithTech 1.0) hosted by The Blood Shack. It shared several ambitions in common with Fhur's later project. As with MAIM, its website ( is no longer accessible from either the live web or Internet Archive. Contributors included Dellphos Revenant and Tren of FX Enhancer.

"Frick ya! This MOD for Blood 2 has one object in mind, making Blood 2 all it can be with your suggestions and various additions into Blood 2, straight from Blood. Headed by a whole slew of master Bloodites it's going to be B I G." — Official description

Link: A few words from Dell Revenant, former team leader of Resurrection


Blood II via WWII: Normandy

"3RD_EYE will be a 4 rez file reconstruction of Blood2 and its universe. My original plan includes making a separate REZ file for each of the Chosen, with each Chosen character going through their own map selection, weapon/item inventories and their own special sorts of adversaries. That's enough for now. Time for some screenies. When you wake up with your head against the monitor after 3 hours of sleep, you know you need to give up those 'all-nighters'." — W.L. Branyon

Started out as a tweak mod for the Chosen's character attributes, with plans for custom levels, weapons, items and opponents for each, first announced on September 13, 2013. Later on experimented with porting Blood II assets to LithTech 1.5 games released by ValuSoft. Last post from December 22, 2014. On July 26, 2017 Branyon announced work on porting Blood II content over to the KISS: Psycho Circus - The Nightmare Child demo; also based on version 1.5. He has been joined in the effort by John "VGames" Carrizales, creator of the Extra Crispy mod for Blood II. The effort is now known as the Circus of Blood.

Link: 3RD_EYE - Transfusion Forums, Circus of Blood - Transfusion Forums

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