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This article lists the various forms of fan fiction created by Bloodites and set in the Blood universe. These include various forms of poetry, song lyrics, short stories, and novellas, as well as three full length novels when using the rules specified by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

The Crypt Fan Fiction Contest[edit]

Caleb as depicted by Rust, author of the contest winning but ultimately unfinished story "Blood Lands"

These are the fan fiction pieces written for a contest back in 1999, later hosted on Planet Blood. On April 1st of that year the winners were selected; read on for more information.

Blood Lands[edit]

The winner of the contest, although the story is not finished. Tchernobog is found to be still alive and captures Caleb. However the Dreaming God was already captured by some unknown military organization, and they soon capture Caleb as well. Interestingly in this story the writer calls Tchernobog the Ancient One, even though that is the name of another entity in the Blood game universe. The story was written by MightyTwinkie (aka Rust).

Format: Word Document, Text

Caleb and the Beanstalk[edit]

The runner-up for the contest, written by Joel "Reactor" Blackwell. It is a parody of the famous fable Jack and the Beanstalk featuring Caleb in Jack's stead. The story aims at humour rather than plot or horror.

Format: Word Document, Text

Dying Times[edit]

A story set in between Blood and Blood II: The Chosen written by Francesco "Warzone" Poli. CabalCo becomes the largest power distributor in the U.S.A., and starts undergoing cross-dimensional experiments. The Ancient One begins to plan his invasion of this reality, while Caleb attempts to amuse himself, including by going on a murderous rampage.

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Blood Runner[edit]

The One Unit: Whole Blood and more importantly the Blood II: The Chosen CDs have been stolen from Monolith Productions, and they call in a private investigator to find them. The story is a parody of Blade Runner and contains numerous references to Monkey Island. It was written by Grand Moff Ogre.

Format: Word Document, Text

Kyle versus Who[edit]

Kyle joins the Chosen's crusade against Gideon; it was written by Kyle Pietrak.

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Eric J. Juneau (Komkat/The Wallflower)[edit]

Eric J. Juneau in High School back in 1998 two years before the first of his Blood fan fiction was posted on the internet

Eric J. Juneau is the author of the second largest collection of Blood fan fiction. His short stories feature characters from the Blood games, but his novella Blood: I Live Again, it's spin-off Dead Reckoning series, and its sequel Blood 2: The Unforgiven feature original characters that cross into the Blood universe. He has also written other non-Blood stories, both fan fiction and original, available at, FictionPress and Archive of Our Own. On Planet Blood, a selection of them were known by the title "Blood Tales", posted from July 27th to December 1, 2001.

Blood: I Live Again[edit]

In the year 1997, a young man named Caleb meets three others: Sophia, Josiah, and Quentin. Unaware of the power they hold, they form tenuous relationships under the guise of a dark ritual. Little do they know who authored the tome they use.

It has also been called Blood: The Story on occasion.

Format:, Archive of Our Own, Open Document, Word Document, Text, Spanish Translation (By Chapter)

Blood 2: The Unforgiven[edit]

Avery Price's sister has died, but the lingering questions of her death haunt him. Now to solve the mystery, he must delve into a world of dark rituals and face the demons responsible for her death. But will his own demons take him first?

This is by far the longest piece of Blood fan fiction ever written, released after years of anticipation on September 16, 2008; last updated on January 13, 2009.

Format:, Archive of Our Own, Open Document, Word Document, Text

Dead Reckoning[edit]

Dead Reckoning is a series of twenty five interlocking short stories spun-off from the universe created in Blood: I Live Again. There is no direct correlation between Dead Reckoning and Blood except for the ties created in the original story, although it does contain several casual references to the Blood series in the form of quotations and subtle homages. The plot revolves around Caleb's relationship with Sophia and a climatic battle against an antagonizing group of football Jocks.

The final part of the story was released on April 12, 2002.

Format: ZIP file containing all 25 documents in MS Word format

Strangers in the Night[edit]

An undead general of an unholy forgotten god walks into a bar...

Format: Word Document, Text,, Archive of Our Own, Russian Translation


Tchernobog sends his four generals on a routine mission. This story showcases the frayed relationships between the four chosen before their betrayal.

Format: Word Document, Text,, Archive of Our Own Russian Translation

A Caleb Carol[edit]

A parody of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. While still in the service of Tchernobog, Caleb finds himself going through the motions of Mr. Scrooge. Only this time, the spirits won't be as forgiving.

Format:, Archive of Our Own, Word Document, Russian Translation

The Sin of Saints[edit]

A former cultist who has found Christianity enrages Caleb and the others. They look to Tchernobog for guidance and find they must take vengeance into their own hands.

Format: Word Document, Text,, Archive of Our Own, Russian Translation

Tome of Blood[edit]

Tome of Blood illustration from April 2008

Main Article: Tome of Blood

A collection of fictional work created by Hamish Paul Wilson in the spring of 2008 and uploaded onto the Internet on April 25, 2008. The first story made, How Much Time has Passed, was written and uploaded weeks before the rest were uploaded. It is the largest collection of Blood fan fiction ever written, though many of them are short. More stories were added later, from Caleb Meets the Headless Thompson Gunner onward.

Short Stories[edit]

Main Section: Tome of Blood#Short Stories

A collection of short stories exploring various aspects of the Blood universe. Three of the stories are set before Tchernobog's betrayal, another two are set during the events of Blood, four are set in between 1928 and 2028, and a final three are set during and after the events of Blood II. Included in the collection are also two crossovers, one merging the worlds of Blood II and Shogo: MAD, and another showing Caleb meeting a character from a Warren Zevon song.


Main Section: Tome of Blood#Poetry

Three poems made in the spring of 2008, which range from Caleb fighting the Cabal to a description by an Innocent about his rather unfortunate encounter with Caleb.

Scroll - Blood Fiction in Weekly Parts[edit]

Main Section: Tome of Blood#Scroll - Blood Fiction in Weekly Parts

Scroll is a story originally began in the summer of 2008 as a kind of retelling of the story behind Cryptic Passage in an attempt to bring it further in line with the main Blood canon. Designed to be published in multiple parts, a new instalment was released every Sunday until the story was finally completed on December 28, 2014.

When taken as a whole it is only the third piece of Blood fan fiction that can be viewed as a full length novel.

Halloween Fan Fiction[edit]

RedFanatic Fan Artwork

Three short stories written by members of the Transfusion Forums for Halloween 2004. The following are categorized by author since none of the stories had titles. The first two were uploaded on October 31, 2004 and the last one was released on November 8th.


A barkeeper tries to get Caleb out of his bar...

Format: Forum Post, Text, Spanish Translation, Audio Version


Caleb visits a Cabal dominated town on a certain day in late October...

Format: Forum Post, Text, Spanish Translation

Noy jitat[edit]

A brief description of Caleb's antics on a regular day.

Format: Forum Post, Text, Spanish Translation

Lis/Love Is Suicide[edit]

The Cremation of Ophelia

Two short stories by user Lis posted on Planet Blood and FanFiction.Net, posted on July 25 and July 18, 2000.


Caleb has made his way to the Altar of Stone. To his horror he see his love slain and nailed to a slab of rock. Cheogh will pay for this!

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End to Blood[edit]

Tchernobog lays dead, and Caleb's quest is fulfilled! The nightmare is finally over, he is victorious. What are the final thoughts of the man who has killed the devourer of souls?

Format: Word Document, Text, HTML

Dinner with the Preacher[edit]

A well regarded story by Winston Branyon first written for Halloween 2000 (posted on October 30th) and finished on February 19, 2001.

Part One[edit]

A strange man calling himself the reverend I. L. Caleb comes to the country town of Rollys, Illinois in the 1950s and preaches sermons against an upcoming Cabal Carnival. Eighteen year old Jeffery Colson goes to the carnival anyway, taking little head of the preacher's warnings. Little does he know that by doing so he will learn the truth of the Cabal, lose his father to the gargoyles, and end up in a fire fight against the dark Cult, with only this strange preacher to help him.

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Part Two[edit]

Caleb, Jeffery, Tobias, and Margret are forced into a fire fight against the Cabal. Jeffery looks into the soul of the dreaming god, and the full secrets of the Chosen and the Cabal are revealed to him. Jeffery is now infected with the blood lust; will he join the Cabal, or the Chosen?

Format: Word Document, Text

Link: Planet Blood news post

Other Fan Fiction[edit]

Assorted fan fiction that does not fit into any other category. All below were originally uploaded to Planet Blood except for A Bit of Fanfic, The End Trilogy, and A Blood Creepypasta which were instead posted on the Transfusion Forums, as well as Duelling on the Edge and Bloodworks, which were taken from DeviantART. Blood: Ship of Fools was posted on the Planet Blood main page, but was hosted elsewhere.

Blood: Ship of Fools[edit]

A nearly lost fan fiction piece by Sir Thom. Only known from a Planet Blood news post from August 8, 2000 and old website remnant, plus a now seemingly hidden entry on FanFiction.Net from April 17, 2001; it was rediscovered by User:Gideon on January 26, 2017.

Caleb crashes a Cabal party aboard an ocean liner headed for disaster.

Format: FanFiction.Net

The Lotus File[edit]

A man called Johnny creates a mercenary organization called "Laymen’s Organization for Truth, Understanding, and Society" (or "LOTUS"). It is unknown how this story ties in with the Blood universe as only the introduction called "Genesis" was ever finished. The story was written by Aaron Sanchez and posted on December 1, 2001.

Format: Word Document

Caleb Vs. Sailor Moon[edit]

A cross over between Blood and the Sailor Moon franchise by Aaron Sanchez last updated on July 27, 2001. The Sailor Senshi attack Caleb believing that he is their arch enemy, with predictable results.

Format: Word Document, Text

More Blood in the Arena Eternal[edit]

The Arena Masters in the Arena Eternal from Quake III Arena abduct Caleb and test his battle skills to see if he would be an entertaining warrior for their arena. What trick does Caleb have for combat? The story was written by Kain-Xavier and last updated on July 27, 2001.

Note: for Quake related Blood content see Dark Places.

Format: Word Document, HTML, Text

The Chosen and the Haunted Mansion[edit]

The Chosen after a long day, stay at an abandoned house, realizing too late that it is haunted. Many ghosts and spirits await them, as the Chosen try to make their way out alive. They will also meet an old acquaintance along the way. The story was written by by Ash2506 in screenplay format.

Format: Word Document, Text

Duelling on the Edge[edit]

A written account inspired by a game of Blood II: The Chosen written by KanaScot and posted July 15, 2005 on deviantART.

Format: deviantART Entry, Text

A Bit of Fanfic[edit]

Originally posted on the Transfusion Forums on February 21, 2009, written by Demogorgon and inspired by the "Halloween Fan Fiction".

Caleb finds himself involved in the never ending conflict between God and Satan.

Format: Forum Post, Text

The End Trilogy[edit]

A trilogy of short stories written by RedFanatic and posted on the Transfusion Forums detailing the demise of the other three Chosen during Tchernobog's betrayal. The first, about Gabriel, was posted on December 7, 2009, with the second, about Ishmael, being released on January 6, 2010. The third, presumably about Ophelia, has yet to be released.


Bloodworks is a series of Blood fan art and fiction posted on deviantART by Wrim Rimbaug. It contains two stories, with the first being entitled "The Citizen" and follows an Innocent as he enters the world of the Cabal, and a second story that follows from the first and is called "The Witch". Also included is a poem entitled "The Thread" which attempts to give meaning to several of the symbols found in the original game.

Format: deviantART Entry, Forum Post

A Blood Creepypasta[edit]

A parody of Creepypasta where, instead of a normally-innocent game like Mario being haunted by having gore and disturbing images, the inverse treatment is applied to Blood. It was written by Edmond Dantes and posted on the Transfusion Forums on February 13, 2015.

Undead Poets Society[edit]

A thread on The Postmortem forums where users submitted various works of poetry they wrote, some of which were Blood related.


The Dreaming God[edit]

A poem by Matthew "Daedalus" Kallis about Caleb's hunting down of Tchernobog.

Format: Forum Post, Text


A poem by Drakan describing Caleb's fight with Shial in her lair

Format: Forum Post Text


A similar poem by Drakan, this time featuring the battle with Cheogh at the Altar of Stone.

Format: Forum Post Text

Other Poetry[edit]

Guy in a Trench Coat Image by Slink
Accompanying image for the QBlood Poem

Assorted Blood fan poetry; all the poems by ShiftK were written for the Crypt Fan Fiction Contest. The Tome of Blood collection also contains some poetry.

Guy in a Trench Coat[edit]

A poem written by Andrew Wrobel (Slink) from the point of view of an Innocent as he witnesses Caleb fight his betrayers, the Cabal.

Posted on September 9, 2001.

Formats: HTML

She Loves Me[edit]

A poem written by by ShiftK, Caleb and Ophelia fight their final showdown against the undead and ponder their love.

Formats: Document, Text

Assorted Haikus[edit]

Assorted haiku poems set in the Blood universe by ShiftK, mostly about the Chosen and even one about a Soul Drudge.

Formats: Document, Text

QBlood Poem[edit]

A short poem promoting the QBlood project created by Sandbag. The poem paired with an accompanying image was posted on the Planet Blood news section on May 6, 2001.

Formats: Text

Blood Haiku[edit]

A thread on The Postmortem forums where users posted Blood-related haiku.

Link: Forum Thread

Song Lyrics[edit]

"Blood Drops Keep Falling on My Head"

Farewell to Arms[edit]

An apparent "tribute song" to Blood created by AbyssCitadel and released on deviantART on October 22, 2009.

Format: deviantArt Entry

Still Undead[edit]

Lyrics for Blood inspired by the song "Still Alive" from Portal released by Panoptic Blur on December 22, 2010.

Format: Forum Post Text

Blood Drops Keep Falling on My Head[edit]

A full modified version of "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" by Szirka on April 8, 2013.

Format: deviantART entry

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