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Joe Volante
Path of Death from Blood 2K5

Joe Volante

Name: Joe Volante

Alternate Name: I Live...AGAIN or I Live Again


Nationality: American

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Notable Works: Transfusion, Q3 BloodBath, and Blood 2K5

Joe Volante is a Bloodite known for his work on Transfusion, Q3 BloodBath, and his Blood II: The Chosen modification Blood 2K5. He is currently listed as a "Retired Mapper" on the Transfusion website's team page, though he is still active on their forums. He helped to make some of the maps for Q3 BloodBath, specifically ones for their third map pack.

On November 20, 2007 he released the Blood 2K5 modification, which incorporated two new levels (and a repackaged level by Hades), with additional changes supplied by an early version of Blood II: Resurrection. Joe has also been a well known member of various Blood websites and forums, such as Planet Blood, the Transfusion Forums, and the Monolith Forums.

Over the past few years he has also been the host of the Halloween BloodBath events.


  • BB_Cemetery
  • BB_Airship
  • BB_Jam

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