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Jeff Morris (also known as Zip) is a custom mapper who produced two map projects for Blood.

Zippy's Blood Meltdown[edit]

Recreation of "Red Light District" from DN3D

Converts the first three levels of Duke Nukem 3D ("Hollywood Holocaust", "Red Light District" and "Death Row" by Allen Blum) to Blood, plus an additional BloodBath episode with levels "Pac-Manic Depression" and "Gambit" by Jeff "Zip" Morris, as well as "Canal Madness", "RIP HQ", "Rest In Pieces II". The converted levels also feature some new traps unique to these versions.

Links: Blood.Freeminded.De, RTCM, Mod DB, Blood Hispano (Spanish)

Episode 1: Zippy's Blood Meltdown[edit]

  • melte1m1: Aftershock: The Hunt For Duke
  • melte1m2: Culture Club
  • melte1m3: Deliverance

Episode 2: Rest In Pieces[edit]

  • meltbb1: Pac-Manic Depression
  • meltbb2: Gambit
  • rip2bb1: Canal Madness
  • rip2bb2: R.I.P. H.Q.
  • rip2bb3: Rest in Pieces II


"We return to a strange and even more dangerous RIP Building (the notorious Centre For Funereal Excellence and the headquarters of Rest In Pieces Incorporated). RIP Inc are big players in the funeral business. They also have a neat sideline in stolen body parts which they'd rather no-one knew about. It's another weekend, and again somebody forgot to lock the place up. What a fine venue for some kick-ass fun with your friends..." — Official description

This mod by Jeff "Zipp" Morris is set in a map called the RIP Arena, of which parts one and two are self-contained subsets of part three which is the main environment. It is advised by the author that players should explore before playing against others.

Link: RTCM, Planet Rip

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