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This article is a guide to installing the Blood games on various systems.

Blood I

MS DOS and FreeDOS

Blood's native system is MS DOS, if you have a Blood CD-Rom then put it into your drive.

Microsoft Windows

Dos Prompt

Using DosBox

Unix, GNU, Linux, *BSD, and Solaris

Although Blood is a Dos application it can be run in Unix based systems using DosBox. These guides show how to install Dos Box on Unix systems and then how to use Blood inside it.

Compiling DosBox with GCC (Distribution independent)

Installing DosBox Fedora

Fedora uses the RPM package management system and maintains its own repository. DosBox can easily be installed from either a YUM fronted or from a terminal. As front ends vary we will show you how to do it from a terminal. Unless you already are in Root you will need to give the terminal Root privileges. Do this by typing: "su" and then when it computes that type in your Root password. After that installation is simple, just type "yum install dosbox" and follow the instructions (such as saying yes to the install of dependencies. After that a DosBox icon should appear in your Fedora menu. You can also launch DosBox by typing "DosBox" in the terminal.

Installing DosBox Debian

Debian (As well as Ubuntu) uses the Deb package management systems, which is very similar to RPM.

Using DosBox with Blood on Unix Systems

Macintosh OSX