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Gabriella art from Blood II

"Gabriella is the warrior in the truest sense of the word. Born out of vengeance with a past steeped in war, ritual, and tradition, Gabriella has been groomed for battle since she was a child. She is the ultimate walking weapon. She lives for death, and thirsts for power. Easily the strongest of the Chosen, she towers above even Caleb in size. She has forsaken her practice in the dark arts due to the defensive nature that magic sometimes takes. She relies on her incredible strength, endurance, and heavy weaponry to get the job done. Her thick battle armor and heavy weapons slow her down significantly, but she is invaluable to the Chosen as the anchor in any heavy firefight."Blood II: The Chosen Website

Gabriel/Gabriella is one of the four Chosen. He appears as a man in Blood, but a woman in Blood II (after her resurrection), giving no explanation other than "it's a long story". The male version appears as a bald Anglo-Saxon man with a brown tunic but the female version appears as an an African-American Creole with a thick cajun accent.

She was voiced by Lani Minella in Blood II: The Chosen (also the voice of Ophelia Price). She is easily the strongest of the Chosen and even towers over Caleb in size, but she lacks the speed and stealth to be as effective a warrior as Caleb. Gabriella has a tendency to crack "Yo Mama" jokes when left alone.

Note: Due to the little back story Gabriel has in Blood, the rest of this article will refer to the subject as female.


Gabriel moments before being snatched by Shial.

Early Years[edit]

Gabriella was born out of vengeance and groomed to be a warrior since birth. Her life was steeped in ritual, tradition, and war, something which made her bloodlust insatiable. This made her a perfect fit for the Cabal, though how she joined is unknown. Her early life was not completely violent though, as "papa" would always take her to the freak show every year to see JoJo. Eventually her prowess, skill, and service to the Cabal would lead her to be proclaimed as one of Tchernobog's elite Chosen, alongside three others, Caleb, Ophelia, and Ishmael.

Betrayal and Death[edit]

Sometime between 1871 through 1928, Tchernobog summoned the four Chosen to the Hall of the Epiphany, His main chamber. Instead of giving them orders as they had thought, Tchernobog told them that they had failed Him, and proceeded to disavow them. The four were stunned as Tchernobog sent in His lieutenants to take the Chosen out one by one.

Shial descended from a thread of silk and took Gabriel off into the darkness. At some point Shial wrapped Gabriel in a cocoon and placed Gabriel in her lair under the arctic circle. Later, Caleb found her, killed Shial, and removed Gabriel's heart from the cocoon, which he drank the life blood from (his back is turned to the camera) in order to increase his powers to face Tchernobog. Caleb does however apologize to her for this before he begins.


Undead Gabriella

Gabriella is first seen when she is summoned out of the portal by the Singularity Generator in the Lafayette Museum of Antiquities, in 2028 (from here on her gender and name change are offical). Her coming seems to be a surprise to Gideon and the Mad Scientist, even though they know the Chosen can be resurrected by this means, since he already has Ophelia in his temple. It is possible some of the surprise was from receiving this altered version of Gabriella.

Caleb acts cold towards Gabriella, who says that she needs to go with him to find out what is going on. Caleb refuses, stating angrily that she is not his type. Gabriella later returns to face Caleb in the Cathedral after he defeats the Naga, and challenges Caleb's authority and ability to deal with the problem of the widening rifts and the appearance of the otherworldly creatures. Caleb responds in a low gravely tone, promising that he will "solve it". She and the other Chosen eventually reunite on the other side of the rift after Caleb finally defeats the Ancient One.

The Nightmare[edit]

During their journey back home, the four Chosen stop at a campfire and tell ghost stories. Gabriella tells of the time she had to stay in a "spooky mansion" overnight.

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