G1M5: The Monastery

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"Blood: Banzai's Addon (BloodGDX) - E1M5 The Monastery - All Secrets" (pagb666) - YouTube
"BLOOD - Banzai expansion - e1m5" (Emmanuel EXE) - DOSBox - YouTube

The Monastery (G1M5) is the fifth level of the Blood fan add-on Banzai's Add-On (1998). As could be assumed, it takes place in a monastery, similar to CP04: Lost Monastery from Cryptic Passage.

Level Designer: Justin "Jet" Otto

Song Track: 2 - Pestis Cruento (CD-Audio), None (MIDI)

Number of Enemies
Still Kicking TBD
Pink on the Inside TBD
Lightly Broiled TBD
Well Done TBD
Extra Crispy TBD
Number of Secrets


"You must continue your steep ascent up the snowy mountain. Follow the ledge and you will eventually come to a small cave. Kill the zombies, and the cultist hiding in the shadows, then traverse the swing bridge to enter the monastery. Once you descend the steps to the central area of the room, the guarding zombies will take to you. Also watch out for the Tommy toting cultist behind the metal gate. If in need of some health, you’ll find some hearts waiting for you in one of the four vases. There are now three possible routes. The metal gate is locked, and for the dagger room you require a key, so go through the door straight in front of you. About two thirds of the way along the corridor, you may be shot at by cultists. Continue on to a large, sacred room, where on an altar you will find a tommy-gun, and behind the chair-like place of prayer, a medi-kit. Before you venture so far into this room however, you may wish to pick off a few enemies. A zombie will run at you, and a cultist will shoot at you from the altar. Some cultists will also shoot at you from behind a picture to your left. And yet more will assault you from a ledge to the right of the altar. If you head towards the golden prayer wheels, you may crouch under them and find some spray cans. If you continue to the left, you will find a barred archway. You cannot access this area through this door, yet. So go to the other end of the room, and make your way across the metal bridge. Once you reach a new stone area, you’ll see an elegant wall, festooned with a brass ornament. There are two secrets here. One involves shooting the ornament. You’ll hear something opening and closing in the distance. If you trace the source, you’ll be rewarded with life-seed. As you continue, descend the spiral stairs. To help your situation somewhat, a few bundles of dynamite can be tossed down the stairwell to rid it of dangers. Once at the end, take the other metal bridge, and descend some more steps until you are outside. To your left stands a door, which provides access to the room you just left. Go in, and take the spiral stairs to the recessed area that holds a switch. This is one of five switches that must be activated in order for you to get the spider key. As you enter the recess, you will be trapped, and flame throwers will open from the wall. Duck, and you should be safe. The gate will open after a time, and you may continue. If you exit this room, you can walk to the left, and in the corner there are some trapped souls waiting for you. You should now also see a stone elevator. You can take this to a lookout room, where you’ll find some ammo, as well as some monsters. Once on the ground again, follow the cobble path until you reach the two columns. There are switches on these columns which you must activate. Now continue on, but beware of the cultists who await you. You will find the second to last switch in the well...descend, and then take the tunnel to the end, surface, and you’ll find it. Once on dry land again, you will see in the wall the large square column has opened to reveal a swtich. Throw this, being careful not to fall to your death, and obtain the key from the wall that blows open (sitting on the chair). Now you can enter the spider room from the large altar room. Enjoy the friends who greet you, and grab the medikit if needed from the window. Don’t fall out! There’s also a secret nearby."--Official walkthrough

This brings him up the mountainside wherein he discovers a monastery, and must then find the right sequence of switches to open up its winding stairways and balconies.

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