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French Meat 2 logo
French Meat 2

Developer: BleuBlancBlood

Publisher: ModDB

Designer: TEDD

Engine: Build Engine (Blood mod; BloodGDX, NBlood, Raze), Kex Engine (Fresh Supply)

Version: 2.2.3

Released: November 23, 2019

Genre: First Person Shooter

Modes: Single-player

Platforms: MS-DOS (original executable), Java VM (BloodGDX), Microsoft Windows (NBlood, Raze, Fresh Supply), Unix-like (NBlood, Raze)


ISBN-10: N/A

Media: Download

"After the French Meat episode for BLOOD, the second with 8 new maps including new tiles and sountracks for an adventure with a unique atmosphere immersed in the heart of paradise island colonized by the pirates of Cabal! kill them all, make a maximum of death, blow them up, slaughter them wherever they are." — BleuBlancBlood

French Meat 2 is a single-player one episode fan add-on for Blood, featuring eight maps which was created between 2013 to November 2019, and is the sequel to the original French Meat (2012). Unlike the original, it features new art assets in the form of a reworked TILES018.ART, including several pieces from Cryptic Passage and new graphics to aid in its tropical island setting. It also features a replacement MIDI soundtrack. The original episode is also included, with some upgrades, as well as a bonus level in the third episode slot.


Caleb arrives on the palm filled beaches of Paradise Island, and infiltrates a series of huts, sheds, halls and caves interconnected with a series of wooden trestle bridges spanning a rapidly flowing stream (TEDE2M1: Sea, Cabal and sun).

He ascends and descends through the rickety passages running through several inland rivers and waterfalls, and comes across a harbour for an aquarium for bone eels and gill beasts. Exploring both floors of the winding complex, the lower being viewing galleries and the upper maintenance, Caleb descends the crane loading a nearby boat moored in the dock. This allows him to climb up and venture through the warehouse to the back-lot to make his escape using a motor boat (TEDE2M2: Waterfalls).

A detour through some vents may also lead Caleb to a possibly familiar set of docks (TTED21M8: The Docks).

Caleb pulls onto a rocky shore, and enters a loading area for cargo, with board-walk installations on both sides of a canal. He clears one side, and raises the signal flag to bring in a Cabal man-of-war. After dodging its cannon fire and taking out the crew, he uses it as a bridge to cross to the other side. Submerged within one pool is as an underwater passage that leads into a spider infested vault. This opens up to an otherwise inaccessible niche which provides the means to blow a hole in the wall of one of the buildings, which hides the spider key. This allows access to the Hotel La Cuvee De France, which directs out to the Cask of Amontillado Pub and Grill. The backrooms lead up to a bedroom with a stuck bookcase that appears to conceal a recess. Retreating back down and falling through the toilet reveals the hidden switch, while a short detour through raw sewage brings him back inside and gains him the skull key. Returning to the opposite end of the canal and up an interior elevator, he comes into an open air affiliate of the Amontillado. Further along the promenade, and past a Halloween store, he ascends into a control tower for the crane and pulley system; before he can access the switch, he must first swim up an underwater cargo drop and claim the moon key. He uses a crane to ride across the chasm, which finally sends him to the exit (TEDE2M3: The Pirate Bay).

Caleb crawls through the duct work until he emerges in the bathrooms of the facility. He charges through the various corridors and multiple stories, before releasing a door into deeper in the complex. Clearing out vaults and pumping areas, he comes across another set of remote controlled doors. The right opens outside of the premises into a garden of pods, before a way back opens towards a showdown in a warehouse, and the dagger key, but also a lower tunnel full of gill beasts. The left leads through some torture chambers and the dagger key locked conveyor area, wherein a certain secret agent has already infiltrated. A whole brigade of Fanatics bear down on Caleb before he exits the building (TEDE2M4: Hello James).

Plunging down a waterfall, he winds up walking a forest path, finding himself on the inside of a locked electric perimeter fence. Caleb has arrived at Caballic Park, a vast outdoor theme park devoted to showing off the latest monstrosities of the Cabal's genetic engineering efforts. The main doors prove barred shut, forcing him to explore alternative routes. A maintenance building supporting a leafy enclosure hides the fire key. This unlocks a side passage into the main complex, opening up a battle in the foyer among displays on the prehistory of the gargoyles. An assault on the cafe and gift shop wins Caleb the eye key hidden in the kitchen freezers. Climbing rubble to get to the upper balconies, he peruses several exhibits, before taking a ride on the track tour of the laboratories. A quick hop through the ventilation system enables him to take an even closer look, raiding the facilities and acquiring the dagger key to investigate further. Escaping through a washroom, he winds his way back and exits through the loading bay. Another forest path takes him to a bunker controlling the electrical system, he hits a switch, nabs the moon key and escapes as alarms blare. Caleb backtracks through the bush and unlocks the outer gate to take his leave (TEDE2M5: Visitor Center).

Just outside the gate, a Cerberus blasts out of a tunnel for a rumble. Caleb follows the road out, taking several detours through jungle, cave, and outposts to get past obstructions. He fends off a Stone Gargoyle in an underpass, and later a swarm of zombies directed by the Dark God. He scales the sides of a sheer cliff, and arrives at a Cabal installation, interrupting a cult meeting and eviscerating a Priest to acquire the dagger key to the main door. Inside is a portal, wherein he glimpses a vision of his former master and two monstrous attaches. He explores a temple, clears a congregation, and steps out onto a series of wooden bridges, and faces clusters of mixed rank Cabalists. Caleb returns inside, and leaps into the basement, fighting off a Mother Spider and gaining the moon key. He jumps in a pool and swims back to the waterfront, and unlocks the path to the upper levels and a switch. He descends onto the pier, and fights off the gill beasts in the depths, and escapes out the now open submerged pipe (TEDE2M6: Out Of Fences).

He makes his way out of the pumping station, and finds himself at a helicopter landing pad. Before he can make his escape however, the copter gets blown to smithereens and he is pursued by the two Beasts glimpsed earlier. Taking them out, he traverses a vortex and faces the revived Tchernobog and an entourage of gargoyles within the belly of some enormous creature (TEDE2M7: Unexpected Vortex).

Caleb retreats to a distant cabin in the mountains, but the Cabal prove not far behind. He storms down the summit and expunges the latest nuisance (TEDE3M1: Blood Above Cloud).


Screamshots from a sequel to French Meat were released, following an initial announcement on April 5, 2014. More screamshots were released on October 2, 2019, which indicated that the mod was still being worked on.

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