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Fleshed Out logo
Fleshed Out

Developer: Skobbejak Games

Publisher: ModDB

Designer: Skobbejak Games

Engine: Build Engine (Blood mod; BloodGDX, NBlood, Raze), Kex Engine (Fresh Supply)

Version: v1.5

Released: October 27, 2019

Genre: First Person Shooter

Modes: Single-player, Cooperative

Platforms: MS-DOS (original executable), Java VM (BloodGDX), Microsoft Windows (NBlood, Raze, Fresh Supply), Unix-like (NBlood, Raze)


ISBN-10: N/A

Media: Download

"After the death of Tchernobog, the surviving members of the Cabal opened up alternate spirit worlds to grow their army again. They are planning to create a new God and rule the world once and for all. So get the guns ready, Caleb is about make a bloody mess again..."--Plot description

Fleshed Out is an episode add-on for Blood by SkobbeJakGames, a two man indie studio from Johannesburg, South Africa, released in bits and drabs since October 27, 2019.

Episode 1: Through the Veins[edit]

Episode 2: Rotten Tales[edit]

Episode 3: Praying with fire[edit]


"New mod for Blood I've been working on for a few months. 3 Maps are out and ready to be played. More maps are still in development and will be added with updates."--Announcement

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