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The Fan Media Timeline shows the various Blood fan media that the Blood Wiki has yet found and wished to include, and when they are set relative to the canon storyline. Feel free to add more to the list.

All of the numbered years (eg: 2028 or 1997) are set in the Common Era (CE).

The Past[edit]

The fan fiction JoJo the Idiot Circus Boy depicts Ishmael's violent escape from his stint as JoJo the circus freak to enter the cult as Tchernobog commanded (based on excerpts from The Nightmare Levels), as well as his inner plight beforehand. This year is in part the setting of the fan movie Duke versus Caleb part one.


This period is the setting of the fan fiction pieces A Caleb Carol, Deadwood, The Sin of Saints, Cult of Blood, and Royal Jealously.

Caleb and the Beanstalk might also be set in this era, although there is no mention of Caleb and Ophelia ever owning a homestead during their stay as Tchernobog's chosen ones and that there were no singularity generators until their invention in the 2020s.


Transfusion is a fan ran project to recreate the original Blood on the DarkPlaces engine with the same plot; as is the completed BloodCM project for EDuke32. The fan game The Flesh Game in many ways appears to be set in 1928, during Caleb's stay in the north after Shial. Caleb's quest against Tchernobog is also the setting of much of the fan movie Duke versus Caleb part two. The final part of Duke versus Caleb part three is set in 1928, a day before Caleb is too be resurrected.

The fan fiction by Lis/Love is Suicide depict two events of Caleb's rampage after Tchernobog: the discovery of Ophelia and the ensuing battle with Cheogh appears in Ophelia and in End to Blood the final thoughts of Caleb as he evades the Hall of Epiphany are revealed. In a similar style, the fan fiction Beware of Those That Have Nothing to Lose depicts a part of Caleb's quest to get to the Hall of Epiphany after Tchernobog.

In the fan made Blood TC and its successor project ZBlood it is depicted that after his victory at the end of Blood, Caleb returned to his grave for a bit of "rest and decomposition", but after a year of slumber (which would place the year as 1929) Caleb awakens to hear the voice of his master once again. Thereafter Caleb must mount another quest after Tchernobog and eventually "shut him up for good."

The Blood fan add-on Purgatory is set directly subsequent to the end of the first game, while Rage Against the Machine appears to be a reworking or reflection of the events of the game.


Known fan fiction set in this period includes Dying Times, Legend of the Iconoclast, Blood Lands, the Halloween fan fiction, The Man in the Dark Hat, Dark Anniversary, The Wealthy Gentleman, Caleb Meets the Headless Thompson Gunner, Scroll (a reworking of the events of Cryptic Passage set in the 1930s), and Dinner with the Preacher. In the fan fiction Caleb Goes Off to War it is depicted that Caleb fought in the Second World War for the Canadian Armed Forces and the Cabal were making deals with the Axis powers.

Also in the Blood fan fiction Blood: I Live Again, its sequel Blood 2: The Unforgiven and its spin off Dead Reckoning it is revealed that the four Chosen had left descendants: Quentin (Ishamel), Josiah (Gabriel), Caleb Sanguis (Caleb), and Sophia Price (Ophelia). In Blood: I Live Again the new "Chosen" encounter a ghastly fate after finding a tome of knowledge of the Cabal and taking part in ancient rituals, which intrigues the Cabal and causes the destruction of the heirs for the power of their souls. In Dead Reckoning however there are only faint references to their alliance and rituals and there is no horrific ending. The two stories about the four heirs are set in 1997, the year that Blood was released. In the sequel Blood 2: The Unforgiven the new Chosen remain dead, and Sophia's brother Avery investigates her death, leading him to eventually confront CabalCo.

The gap between the two Blood games is also the apparent setting of the fan art comic Tales of Blood: The Hunt where the Cabal attempt to destroy Caleb via an ancient Cabal scroll. A good deal of the fan movie Duke versus Caleb part two and three is set in between Blood and Blood II (in the year 2007, the setting of Duke Nukem 3D).

Most Blood fan add-ons are presumably set during this period, with Bloody Pulp Fiction (set in the modern day and featuring a reinvigorated Cabal and a mysterious elder being known as Deadland), Death Wish (as well as its progenitor Inherit the Earth, featuring a plot about the revival of the 16th Tchernobog; as does the unrelated Out for Blood, while Trauma Therapy has Caleb seek to resurrect the god himself in order to expunge his presence for good), and French Meat all making explicit or implicit suggestions about being somewhere roughly in the middle period between Blood and Blood II. Caleb Will Have His Revenge on Toronto has a fairly clear later 20th century setting, with Caleb becoming a serious sports better.

Banzai's Add-On, aka Caleb's Revenge, is set awhile after the first game, with Caleb having retired to a sleepy town called Los Roma in his home state of Texas. The Way of Ira features a similar premise, with Caleb retreating to a small village and even adopting a house cat named Cleo. This is interrupted by Cramon, an occult high priest and an earlier pretender to Gideon's eventual role, who unleashes "purge night". Caleb then seizes Cramon's castle as his own estate, before being antagonized by the new Cabal leader Ursus. The classic Gods, the Epic Trilogy features Caleb fighting deities of Egyptian mythology.


The fan fiction Caleb on Cronus depicts a brief interlude during a part of the events of Blood II: The Chosen where Caleb is temporarily transported into the world of Shogo: Mobile Armour Division. Also Rooftop Rumble provides a literary version of Caleb's battle with Gideon on the rooftop of CabalCo headquarters, and Ishmael on the Run depicts the actions of Ishmael during most of Blood II: The Chosen. The poem Close Encounter depicts a part of Blood II: The Chosen where Caleb is in a laundromat. Duelling on the Edge is an in-character literary account of a game of Blood II: The Chosen.

The Future[edit]

The fan fiction How Much Time has Passed depicts the Chosen's return to this reality after a month of wandering through the wastes. The Chosen and the Haunted Mansion shows an adventure the Chosen have after their return, including a meeting with Gideon's spirit. Also the fan fiction The Chosen Versus the Mad Scientists depicts a battle the Chosen endured with a group of goons lead by an non-CabalCo mad scientist.

The fan art comic Tales of Blood: Everyday Life is set after the Chosen return home from the realm of The Ancient One, with Ishmael staying behind. This is probably also the setting of the comic Caleb versus Lobo as Caleb says that he has been fighting for "260 years"; in the comic Caleb squares off against the DC Comics action anti-hero Lobo.

There is also a piece of fan fiction called More Blood in the Arena Eternal which involves Caleb being captured by the Vadrigar aliens of the arena eternal from Quake III Arena wherein they wish him to fight in the arena they had created. Based on an extrapolation derived from the Quake III storyline it seems likely that this was after 2028. One piece of evidence for this was that warriors from the Strogg War are mentioned in the story but the Strogg War was set after the events of the Blood games (in Quake II, 4, and ET: QW chronologies). The plot of the modification Blood 2K5 appears to be set after Blood II: The Chosen - with Caleb fighting Ishmael.

Several fan game projects have been attempted to provide a sequel to Blood II, but none have gone far beyond the prototype stage.