E6M9: Forgotten Catacombs

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E6M9 map layout

Forgotten Catacombs (E6M9) is the secret level of Plasma Pak, an expansion for Blood, also known as Episode 6. It takes place in an underground crypt.

Level Designer: Nick Newhard & James Wilson

Song Track: 6 - Father Time (CD-Audio) cblood6 (MIDI)

Number of Enemies
Still Kicking 55
Pink on the Inside 56
Lightly Broiled 71
Well Done 86
Extra Crispy ??
Number of Secrets


Forgotten Catacombs

"Go around the corner, and activate the switch to call the lift down. Take it up (note the Skull key door to your left), and follow the passage to your right to the Skull key. Retrace your steps, and go through the Skull key door. After you go through a metal door, you'll see a wooden bridge leading the Eye key door on your left. Underneath the wooden bridge is the Eye key, jump down, and grab the key. It shouldn't prove to be too difficult find your way back to the Eye key door. Go through it, across the wooden bridge, and down the ramp to your right. Go through the metal door, grab the Fire key, and go back up the ramp. Keep going forward, and across another wooden bridge to the Fire key door. Go through it, and push the symbol to end the level."--Baytor's Guide


Enemies Present[edit]


Weapons Available[edit]



  • From the start, walk around the corner and push the wall to your right. Reward: Flare Gun
  • Push the switch next to the Skull Key. A platform will lower near the Skull Key door. Reward: Life Leech
  • After going into the Skull Key door, there is an area with bridges on the left. Go forward and turn left. There is a different-coloured wall that contains a lift to a secret area. Reward: Life Seed
  • Through the Eye Key door, there is a ramp going up to a wall. Go up and push the wall. Reward: Cloak of Invisibility
  • Outside the room with the Fire Key, there is a switch that lowers a gate on your right. Jump to the ledge, turn around, and jump to the ledge with the voodoo doll. Walk down the path, and press the wall behind the super armour to reveal a teleporter. It will take you to a room with a switch. Hit the switch, take the lift up, and jump to the ledge. Reward: Doctor's Bag, Proximity Detonators

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