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CP09 map layout

"Finally you arrive at what must be your final destination, an unholy looking castle hidden deep in the Carpathian Mountains. The entities that have detoured your journey dwell here, entities who are already aware of your presence, and have set many traps to stop your journey permanently. Here you must enter this ancient place and seek out the ones within who would oppose you. The castle is extremely large and ancient, but it is said within its walls lies the gateway to the otherworld. A journey you may have to make to see that your business here is finished, once and for all."Cryptic Passage README.TXT

Castle (CP09) is the ninth and final level of Cryptic Passage, the first expansion pack for Blood, colloquially known as episode 5. It takes place inside a medieval castle, and ends in an underground grotto with the final boss - the Lord of All Nightmares.

Level Designer: Jeff Cleveland - Sunstorm Interactive

Song Track: 5 - Infuscomus (CD-Audio) cblood7 (MIDI)

Number of Enemies
Still Kicking 106'
Pink on the Inside 117'
Lightly Broiled 153'
Well Done 199'
Extra Crispy 209'
Number of Secrets


Caleb defeats the two Cerberi
Caleb secures his scroll

"Ride the mining car to the end of the corridor, then jump out and go through the door to your right. Follow the walkway until you enter a door into a room with a walkway surrounded by water. Follow it around, through another door, and go across the drawbridge into the castle. Take note of the Skull key door to your left, and take the passage to your right. Go down the stairs, and through the ornate door. In the next corridor, you'll find a locked ornate door, and a wooden door. Go through the wooden door, and enter the room to your right. At the end of this passage, you'll find three prison cells. Look in the third cell, push the switch, and return to the locked ornate door, which is now opened. Go down the steps, around the corner, over the stone bridge (take note of this for later), and up some more steps into a large room with pillars. On the right side of this room, you'll find a room with a button. Push it, and return to the stone bridge. Turn to your left, and jump into the newly opened passage. Follow the passage along, grab the Skull key, then return to the Skull key door. Go through it, and take note of the Eye key door to your right. Follow the passage to your left, until you go through some wooden doors into a room filled with suits of armour. Walk forward to to the grandfather clock, turn right, go around the corner, and walk through the next two room. At the end of the Dining room (there's a wine bottle on the table you can pick up--doesn't do anything though), you'll find some stairs leading up to the second floor. Go up them and through the double doors to collect the Eye key (there's a Death Mask in the other room which might prove useful in obtaining the Eye key). Now retrace your steps to the Eye key door. Open the Eye key door, and enter the teleporter. Now walk along until you get to the giant door with the four buttons. To your right, you'll see a door with an ornate Gargoyle on it. Guess what you'll have to fight to get the key behind that door. Well, double your guess, and go in and grab the key. On the left side of the giant doors, you'll find an ornate door with a spider on it. Go in and grab the key (do it quickly, and you don't have to fight the Spider. Now push all four buttons, and enter into the swirling thing in the centre of the room. You'll find yourself in front of a small barge. Get on it, and push the hand print to wait for it to take you to the temple in front of you. When you get to the other side, jump out, enter the temple, and you'll find yourself facing not one, but two Cerberus's. There's a button in the room which will lower a Death Mask which will help you out, but it lowers really slowly. I found the best way to defeat them was to wait until they drop down into the pit below you, then move over the side and drop TNT on them. However you kill them, when you do, you'll collect two more keys, which will open the doors in this room. Push the symbol, and watch the cutscene. Truth be told, it's more of a slide show, but the music is pretty cool."Baytor's Guide


Enemies Present[edit]

' - max number of enemies varies due to Mother Spider's spawning ability

Weapons Available[edit]


  • Before you enter the door leading to the walkway surrounded by water, look left. There is a different-colored section of wall. Reward: Life Seed
  • After the secret above, turn left and jump into the water. Follow the passage and surface. Reward: Beastvision, Napalm Launcher
  • Walk into the fireplace. Reward: Tommy Gun
  • In a large room with skinny pillars, turn around and face the doorway that you came from. To the left is a marked wall. Push it and a small area with a life seed will be revealed. Push the button here and you will be lowered to a hidden room. Reward: Tesla Charges
  • In the hallway with suits of armour on either side, there is a hidden switch on the right, between the first and second suits. If you hit it, the middle suit behind you will lower. Reward: Life Seed

Fun Stuff[edit]

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