E4M6: The Ganglion Depths

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E4M6 map layout

The Ganglion Depths (E4M6) is the sixth level of the fourth episode in Blood. It takes place in a large temple on a mountain.

Level Designer: James Wilson & Terry Hamel

Song Track: none (CD-Audio), none (MIDI)

Number of Enemies
Still Kicking 72'
Pink on the Inside 72'
Lightly Broiled 91'
Well Done 114'
Extra Crispy 120'
Number of Secrets


The Ganglion Depths

"Follow the passage in front of you until you get to the iron gate. Push the skull symbol next to it to open it. Continue along until the large wooden door, and use the skull symbol to open it. Walk to the iron gate, and you'll see the Fire key door to your right. Enter the passage to your left, take note of the Skull key door to your right, and continue to the end of the passage. Open the ornate door, and you'll see a metal pillar in the middle of the room, and two skull symbols past it. Push both of the skull symbols, and the pillar will lower revealing the Skull key. Grab the Skull key, and quickly run out of the room to avoid the fireballs. Enter the Skull key door. Go down the steps, and you'll see the Eye key door to your right. Take note of it, and go through the wooden doors on the other side of the room. Go down the stairs, pick up the Eye key, and return to the Eye key door. Follow the passage around to a wooden door, and go through it (there's a fire behind the door). Just keep following the passage along, up some stairs, and you come to a room where a door will open and a gargoyle will attack you. Follow that one, down some stairs, and you'll eventually come to a room with the Spider key door. The Skull key is in the room next to this one. Go through the Spider key door, and grab the Fire key at the end of the passage. Push the skull symbol next to it, and step onto the wall that lowers down. Ride it back up, and you'll find yourself next to the Fire key door. Follow the passage until you get outside. Follow the stairs down, and you'll come to a narrow ledge. Follow the ledge along, and jump across the gap. Follow the passage along, up the stairs and such, and you'll come to a lift. Take the lift up, and walk around to another lift. Take the lift down, walk across to another lift, and take that one down. Follow the passage around until you get to the bridge that blows up. Jump across, and the next bridge blows up. Jump across that one, and follow this passage along until you get to the symbol that ends the level."Baytor's Guide


Enemies Present[edit]

' - max number of enemies varies due to Mother Spider's spawning ability

Weapons Available[edit]


  • In the stairway leading downwards, by the great chasm, there are two gargoyle status on either side. Whack them down into the abyss. Jump where the gargoyle statue was and there should be a nearby ledge. Reward: Doctor's Bag, Box of Shells, Super Armour

Fun Stuff[edit]

See also: References in Blood

  • A ganglion is a mass of tissue, usually in reference to the nervous system. What this has to do with the level is unclear, but it might be related to the passage to the next level, E4M7: In The Flesh.
  • It is the second Doom-style "Hell" level in the episode (if not the game), following the previous level.
  • When Caleb descends deeper into the level, we can hear a choir of cultists chanting "Anál nathrach, orth’ bháis’s bethad, do chél dénmha". This phrase, uttered in old Irish, is a reference to Merlin's charm of making, from the 1981 movie Excalibur.

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