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E3M6 map layout

Monster Bait (E3M6) is the sixth level of the third episode in Blood. It resembles a hydroelectric power station with a fairly large dam reservoir.

Level Designer: James Wilson & Terry Hamel

Song Track: 7 - Waiting for the End (CD-Audio), cblood7 (MIDI)

Number of Enemies
Still Kicking 38
Pink on the Inside 41
Lightly Broiled 63
Well Done 77
Extra Crispy 98
Number of Secrets


The Dam Reservoir

"Walk forward, and you'll come to a bridge going over to the ledge across from you. Stepping onto the ledge causes it to break, so quickly jump over to the ledge. Some of the walls will fall away, so follow the path along, across a metal bridge, down a lift, through a large metal, and eventually into a room with several panels. The two panels to your left and right are light switches, and the one on the counter in front of you opens the door to your left. Push it, and enter the newly opened door. At the end of the hall, jump up to the next switch, and turn it. A space opens up next to you, jump down and hit the next switch. Turn around, and you'll find yourself back in the room you just entered a little while ago, and now the other door is open. Enter into the newly opened passageway, and turn the switch at the end of the hall. Another space opens up in front of you with another switch. Turn that one, and the space to your left drops down. Enter into the new area, where you'll see some pipes and two switches. Hit both of the switches, and the doors in front of you will slowly open. Enter into the darkened room, and you'll find another switch and large wooden lever. Pull the wooden lever to start up the turbine, and then push the button to lower the lift. Take the lift up, and follow the passage along through the metal door. After going through the door, you'll see a lift to your left. Take note of it for later. Instead, turn to your right, follow the passage, go up the stairs, and you'll find yourself in the turbine room. Look up and you'll see the Moon key out of reach. In between the turbines, you'll find a pair of control panels (one in each location). Activate both of them, and find the red door. Wait a moment, and the it'll open revealing a lift. Take it up, and cross the catwalks to get to the Moon key. Return to the lift I pointed out before. Go up the lift, and follow the ledge until you see the bridge to your right. Cross over it, and through the Moon key door. Go up the stairs, and you'll see a switch (referred to from now on as main switch) in front of you. Now for one of the toughest puzzles in the game. Take note of the three red lines. Hit the main switch to reveal the dial on the right side. Turn the right side dial twice, and you'll see that the middle red line is now blue. Hit the main switch twice to reveal the dial on the left side. Turn the left side dial once, and you'll see the first line is now blue. Hit the main switch twice to reveal the dial on the right side Turn the right side dial once, and you'll see the third line is now blue. Hit the main switch, and the door in front of you opens. Enter into the room, and you'll see a metal door to your right. Enter into, and follow the passage all the way to the end. To the the right of the box of shotgun shells, you'll find a panel. Push it, and the thing in the middle of the water will rotate around. Retrace you steps and go out the metal door. You'll find that you can now jump on the thing in the middle of the water. Jump on it, and find the switch on the other side. Turn it, and it will rotate again, allowing you to jump to the other side. Go up the ramp, and through the door. Turn to left, and walk around to the lift around the corner. Take the lift up, and go to your left when you get to the top. Follow the passage through a door into a small warehouse. Make your way to the other side, through a door into a control room. Go through the door on the other side of the control room, and follow it to the lift. Take the lift up to top of the dam. Grab the Fire key, and jump into the shallow side of the dam (to your right as you enter). You'll see some barrels underwater, so shoot them. A hole will blow up in the dam, and the water level will rise. Surface, and you'll see a cave that you'll now be able to enter. Jump into it, and activate Fire key pillar at the end. The door in front of you will open, and jump into the flames to end the level."Baytor's Guide

How to open the lock:

  1. Hit the main switch. The right panel opens.
  2. Turn the right-side switch twice. The blue wall stays in the middle.
  3. Hit the main switch. The left panel opens.
  4. Turn the left-side switch once. The blue wall raises to the first position.
  5. Hit the main switch. The right panel opens.
  6. Turn the right-side switch once. The blue wall raises to the last position.
  7. Hit the main switch. Access is granted.

Note: To reset the switches to their initial positions, turn all the switches to the first position, and the main switch so that the next toggle will open the right panel.

Enemies Present[edit]

Weapons Available[edit]


  • From the start, walk forward to the machinery. Go out the window to your left. Follow the path leading upwards, up to a waterfall. A ledge is nearby (you may need Jump Boots to reach it). Reward: Doctor's Bag
  • At the end of a corridor is a secret. It is very visible, but difficult to reach (unless you have Jump Boots). Reward: Life Seed
  • At the other end of the corridor mentioned in the secret above is a small hole in the floor. Reward: Beastvision
  • In the machinery room with the rotating gears and platforms, press each control panel between the platforms. This lowers the platforms and grants access to the key. It also grants access to a ledge near a locked door that you must jump to (or use Jump Boots). Reward: Life Seed, Gasoline Can
  • On the left side of the hole in the dam is a secret. The dam must be broken before this secret can be reached. Reward: Drum of Bullets, Box of Shells

Fun Stuff[edit]

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