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E3M1 map layout

Ghost Town (E3M1) is the first level of the third episode in Blood. It takes place in a European town (possibly a town in France) during an air raid.

Level Designer: James Wilson

Song Track: 6 - Father Time (CD-Audio), cblood8 (MIDI)

Number of Enemies
Still Kicking 48
Pink on the Inside 50
Lightly Broiled 55
Well Done 71
Extra Crispy 75
Number of Secrets
9 + 1 Super Secret


Ghost Town

"In front of you is the Fire key door, take note for future reference. Walk forward, and turn to your left. You'll see a gray door on the second building on your left. Enter it, and you'll see the Spider key door. Turn right, and follow the hall around. Kill the cultist to get the Spider key. Go back, and open the Spider key door. Go up the stairs until you reach the stucked door. Shoot the fire extinguisher, and a hole opens up into the next building. Jump over to the other building, go up the stairs, past the innocents, up another flight of stairs, and you'll find another hole in the wall. Jump into the hole across the alley. Go up the stairs, through the gray door, and ignore the "Stay Out" sign. Enter that room, and kill the ghost to collect the Moon key. Go back out to the street, and you'll see a hole blasted in the side of building to the left of the JoJo sign. Enter it, and another hole blows open. Jump up into it, and you'll find the Moon key door. Enter it, and pick up the Fire key door, and go back to the street. Go through the Fire key door (one of them won't open), follow the hall to your right, and you'll find yourself in a fairly large room. Jump up over the counter, and enter the Manager's office to pick up the Skull key. As you leave the Manager's office, you'll see another door in front of you. Go through it, up the stairs, and through another door. When you pass by the window, look out of it. You'll see a crack in the wall. Blow it up, but don't jump over yet. Continue along the hall , and you'll eventually come to the Skull key door. Go in, grab the Dagger key, and return to the hole you just blew up. Jump across, go through the Dagger key door, and push the symbol to end the level."Baytor's Guide


Enemies Present[edit]

Weapons Available[edit]


  • From the starting point, there is a building to the left, where you must go. Downstairs are some cultists and zombies (don't forget the body armour behind the door). There is an adjoining room with paintings. At the right is a large painting that slides down. Reward: Drum of Bullets
  • On the way upstairs, past the explodable fire extinguisher, jammed door, hell hound, and phantasms, is a painting on the far wall. Push it to reveal secret. Reward: Life Seed
  • In the area where the innocents get blown away by an explosion, climb into the created hole. Clear the nearby room containing the key (don't miss the flare gun behind the curtain), and close the door where you came from. Reward: Reflective Shots
  • Enter the Flame Key door and turn right. There is a chest of drawers near the front door. Push it to access a secret room. Reward: Guns Akimbo
  • In a big hall with a table and a door reading "MANAGER", there is a couch. Crouch near the right side and push it. Reward: Napalm Launcher
  • In the Manager's office, push the shelf full of items. Reward: Cloak of Invisibility
  • In the middle building where there was a Cabal ambush, jump over to a crack in the wall. There is a skeleton hanging beyond. Reward: Remote Detonators x2, Proximity Detonator
  • Go in the Skull Key door. There is a sofa leaning against a wall, with a cultist behind it. There is a ventilation shaft behind it leading to a secret room with a bed and many air fresheners. Reward: Tesla Cannon, Tesla Charge x2
  • From the room above, jump to the destroyed building from the window. Reward: Voodoo Doll, Proximity Detonator
  • Super Secret - At the top of the elevator shaft is a spider nest. You can get to it by using small metal ledges around the shaft walls. Reward: Life Seed, super Armour

Fun Stuff[edit]

See also: References in Blood

  • One of the secret rooms features a bed with the word 'SLOTH' written over the headboard and pine tree air fresheners hanging from the ceiling. This is a reference to the movie Se7en.
  • There is a place on the map, which wasn't probably intended to be visited. It can be reached from stairs, where the first Hell Hound is encountered. Ceiling of the stairs is in upper part broken and player can jump out of the building. If player does a very long jump, he can reach the end of the texture and the fall won't kill him.
  • The French tricolour flag can be seen in various places in the level. The implication would be that Episode 3 takes place during World War II.
  • Samples from the music track for this level can be heard in the game Shivers, which was also composed for by Guy Whitmore.
  • This exact name and theme is used for E1M9: Ghost Town of Dusk (2018).

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