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E2M1 map layout

Shipwrecked (E2M1) is the first level of the second episode in Blood. It depicts the start of Caleb's journey to the frozen north to find the lair of Shial. Since this is the beginning of a new episode, the player starts with none of his weapons from the previous one, although there is a shotgun to start. It starts on a rowboat, floating towards a large ship buried in an iceberg.

Level Designer: Craig Hubbard

Song Track: 7 - Waiting for the End (CD-Audio), cblood2 (MIDI)

Number of Enemies
Still Kicking 26
Pink on the Inside 32
Lightly Broiled 49
Well Done 65
Extra Crispy 67
Number of Secrets



"Ride the small boat until it stops. Jump out, and up on the ship. Turn to the right, and jump into the hole. Kill everyone and collect the Fire key. Hit the switch on the wall, and a crate will lower, enabling you to jump out of the hold. Now walk all the way to the front of the ship with the locked steering wheel (requires Moon key). Kill the cultist carrying the Eye key. Get the key and retrace your steps until you see the Eye key door. Turn around and you'll see another Eye key door, enter this one. Go down the ramp, and you'll see the Skull key door over to your left. Turn to your right and follow that passage. Keep walking past the Dining room, down the hall with the TNT barrel at the end. Blow it up, and enter into the water in the hole to the right. Swim down, look to your right, and you'll see the Fire key door. Open it, and get the Skull key. Now retrace your steps to the Skull key door. Enter the captain's quarters and grab the Moon key door. Now go back up to the deck, activate the steering wheel, and a cavern will open up to your left. Jump out of the boat, enter the cavern, and jump in the small pool. Follow the underwater passage, surface, climb the stairs, and push the symbol to end the level."Baytor's Guide


Enemies Present[edit]

Weapons Available[edit]


  • There's a large chunk of ice embedded in the ship on the side facing the water. Walk around the ice to find a secret nestled in between the ice and the boat. Reward: Diving Suit
  • On the side of the boat away from the water is a darkened cave/corridor containing a secret. Reward: Voodoo Doll
  • Dive under the ship (make sure you have a diving suit). There is a cave deep under the ice (you have to go near the bottom), under the ship.  It is guarded by Gill Beasts. There will be a small corridor at the right. Reward: Life Seed
  • In the cargo hold where the Fire Key is, look towards the largest pile of boxes near a wall. There is a secret behind the stack. Reward: Doctor's Bag
  • In the underwater room where the Skull Key is, swim to the ceiling. There is an alcove in the far right corner. Reward: Life Seed, Super Armour

Fun Stuff[edit]

See also: References in Blood

  • The level opens with Caleb floating in a rowboat towards an iceberg. This is a reference to the novel Frankenstein. Also, the name of the ship is HMS Victor - the same as the name of the scientist who created the monster in the novel. It could also indicate the episode takes place in northern Canada, as opposed to Alaska or Greenland.
  • Caleb's line "You're going to need a bigger boat!" is a reference to Jaws.
  • The Blood Team released Weekly Blood Development Updates on the 3D Realms website, and said this about this level:
    • Update: 10/07/96: Craig spent the week creating an as-yet-unnamed battle-damaged pirate ship level that will go in the registered version. While the ship has become a favourite new deathmatch level around Monolith, people are starting to get sick of Craig's seafaring terminology, as in "There's a shotgun on the fo'c's'le" or "Head aft to the poop deck and jump off to starboard." Jay has been threatening to add a plank and make him walk it.

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