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E1M8 map layout

House of Horrors (E1M8) is a secret level in the first episode in Blood. It is accessible through a secret, difficult-to-reach pathway in E1M4: Dark Carnival. The level represents a roller-coaster ride, still under construction, with many traps and unfinished portions.

Level Designer: James Wilson

Song Track: 8 - Fate of the Damned (CD-Audio), cblood4 (MIDI)

Number of Enemies
Still Kicking 47
Pink on the Inside 53
Lightly Broiled 85
Well Done 122
Extra Crispy 129
Number of Secrets


House of Horrors

"Follow the passage to a gate. Open the gate, go up the ramp, and open the face to the fun house. Follow the path along until you get to the spot where you have green water to your left. Jump in and follow it along until you get to gate which blocks your way. Shoot out the bars with the zombies behind it, and jump up in it. A security booth will open before you. Jump into it, and pull the lever to open the gates. Follow it along until you see an "Under Construction" sign, quickly jump into the niche to your left, and take the lift down. You'll see another section with green water past the unreconstructed part, so jump up in it, and continue along. Eventually, you come to a large room, with the Skull key beyond your reach. Drop down, and grab the Diving suit from behind the waterfall. Walk toward the 'Spine Crusher' sign, and you'll drop down underwater. Go through the passage to your right, and continue along until you get to a metal room. Swim into the room to your left, turn around, and push the switch on the left side. A room will open up in front of you releasing some bone eels, and a passage will open over to the left. Swim out of the room, and take the passage to your left. Follow the passage, and you'll eventually surface in a torture chamber and the Skull key door. Take the stairs in front of you, and collect the Skull key from the ledge. Return, and open up the Skull key door. Take the path to your left, and follow the long, winding passage until you find a wooden door on your right. Open it, and follow it up to a room filled with wood. Jump out the window in front of you onto a sloped ledge, and shoot out the X-shaped boards to your right. Jump through the newly opened space into an area filled with TNT barrels. Shoot the barrels until you find the one which blows a hole in the wall (it's all the way around). Jump into the hole, and into the small pool of water. Follow the underwater passage and surface. Jump out of the water and hit the symbol to end the level."Baytor's Guide


Enemies Present[edit]

Weapons Available[edit]


  • After passing through the gate, walk straight ahead. The trees in the corner are fake, and can be passed through. Reward: Tommy Gun, Drum of Bullets
  • After entering the ride and ticket booth area, push the large sign. A small space will open in the right corner. Reward: Super Armour
  • In the graveyard, there is a tombstone with a darker colour than the rest (near the pool of water). Push it to open a secret niche. Reward: Life Seed
  • Near the graveyard is a door. Go up the stairs to a storage room. Near the entrance is some wood planks on the floor. Crouch and hit the wood to move it aside. Reward: Guns Akimbo
  • At the storage room (mentioned above), jump out the window. Around the corner, blow up the X-shaped planks, the TNT barrels, and the cultists. There is a ledge running around the area. Jump on the ledge and follow it to a Gray wall. The wall a bit above you is an illusion. Jump into the room behind it. Reward: Doctor's Bag, Dynamite Bundles

Fun Stuff[edit]

See also: References in Blood

  • In the Piga Software game Windys the text "Security to the Zombie Cage!" can be found in the secret level, a homage to a part of this level.
  • The Blood Team released Weekly Blood Development Updates on the 3D Realms website, and said this about this level:
    • Update: 07/19/96: Jay has almost finished his House of Horror level. It lives, it breathes, and is scarier than the darkest levels of Hell. We know, we've been there and kicked ass... Kevin has been creating some new gore and bodies for the House of Horror level.
    • Update: 07/26/96: Jay finished off the House of Horror level and created the game script for Blood's first episode.
    • Update: 08/09/96: More internal BloodBath testing on Dark Lab and House of Horror.
    • Update: 09/20/96: We aren't saying who the second innocent is, just that he fits in with the "DARK CARNIVAL" and "HOUSE OF HORRORS" level themes.
    • Update: 10/14/96: The House of Horrors and the lumber mill are getting the most attention though, adding lots of stacked 3D areas.

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