Drudge Priest

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Drudge Priest concept art
Drudge Priest

"The Drudge Priest is a larger creature with fully developed magic abilities. The Drudge Priest seems to hunt only to infest new victims, and will often have a host of other Drudge creatures doing its bidding. Attacks on this creature will often cause the breeding sack that is its stomach to spill dozens of Bone Leeches down on the unsuspecting attacker."Blood II: The Chosen Manual

The Drudge Priest is a rare enemy in Blood II: The Chosen. It is the final stage of evolution for the Bone Leech, progressing from Soul Drudge to Drudge Lord to this. The pincer-like arms and spine now jut everywhere along the body. Through its evolution, it has gained full magic power and can hover in the air. This keeps it in a defensive position where it avoids ground fire and can snipe from above with fireballs.

Only a handful of Cabal operatives have survived an encounter with it. Often it retains a collection of other Drudge creatures below it as soldiers.

At this final stage, the Drudge Priest resembles little of its former humanity. The growth of the Bone Leech has rendered the victim to a saggy, bloated corpse which acts as a breeding ground for more Bone Leeches. If this area is attacked, Bone Leeches will spill out, raining on the unfortunate victim.