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David Wikström
Doing his impression

Name: David Wikström

Alternate Names: Tekedon

Website: Tekedon on YouTube, David Wikström on YouTube

Nationality: Finnish

Location: Eskilstuna, Sweden

Birth: April 13, 1985

Email: wikstromd (AT) gmail (DOT) com

Family: Married with two children

Genres: Horror, comedy, science fiction.

Notable Works: Blood maps, Caleb impression, "My Blood Comic"

"Slums Beta Preview" - YouTube
"Blood Monolith Custom Maps : Caleb's Dream (by Tekedon)" - YouTube

David Wikström (known as Tekedon after Genshi Shonen Ryu, and "David Baystream") is a Bloodite known for his Blood custom maps, as well as his impersonation of Stephan Weyte's voice for Caleb, which features in some of his maps and on his YouTube channel (as well as the fan add-on The Way of Ira); he also made a motion comic based on Blood. All four of his original maps were featured in The Best of Blood.Freeminded.De compilation in 2011 (see "featured" below), while "The Slums" and "Swamp Castle Revisted" feature in episode four of the second volume of Blood Chronicles. A number of his creations were also selected by Krypto in his list of best user made maps.

A Bloody Mess[edit]

"Finally another release for the Blood community. This is planned to be in an addon of mine called 'A Bloody Mess'. But.. I have to accept the facts.. If I'm gonna make an addon and release it, it would take years and years to get it done. I don't have much spare time for mapping these days. I'm still planning on making the addon though but I'm also releasing this map as is.. It was a miracle I could get this map done in the relatively short time I did. Let's look at this as a teaser/demo at the moment. I hope you enjoy." — "Count of Wallachia" release notes

A Bloody Mess is a planned full length ("Not sure yet, but right now I'm planning 7 or 8.") add-on for Blood. He initially intended to include his earlier map, "Count of Wallachia", in the add-on but has now decided against it. Owing to the length of development time, he has now started releasing the levels individually to be compiled later.

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Tekedon on YouTube:
default.jpg My Blood Comic Tekedon January 2, 2013 0:48 A short comic by David Wikström depicted panel by panel in a manner alike to a motion comic with panning and applied sound effects. It then shows a shot showing all of the panels at once (snapshot, Postmortem thread).
default.jpg Having some fun doing the "caleb/stephan weyte" voice Tekedon September 27, 2012 1:34 An imitation of Stephan Weyte doing the voice of Caleb by David Wikström.
default.jpg A couple of new caleb oneliners! Tekedon December 2, 2012 0:19 Some new Caleb one-liners performed by David Wikström.
default.jpg Caleb checks Google Tekedon December 23, 2019 2:16 Caleb takes to Google Search and stumbles across Fresh Supply...
default.jpg Recording of Caleb gone wrong Tekedon July 11, 2021 1:27 Various Blood II and similar one liners from David Wikström.


"A couple of new caleb oneliners!" (Tekedon) - YouTube
"Recording Caleb gone wrong" (Tekedon) - YouTube
  • "Life is like a box of ammo... you can never have enough."
  • "What am I? Some kind of a freak?!"
  • "When there's something rotten... in your neighbourhood... who you gonna call? ...Caleb!"
  • "Fighting with love..."
  • "It's howdy doody time kiddies, the bad man is back"
  • "I seem to have misplaced my gun, have you seen it?"
  • "Now where did those bad men get to?"
  • "Uh, I'm going to have to change my underwear after this"
  • "Would you be interested in buying cat food from my little shop of death?"
  • "Let it burn, I never like that place anyway."
  • "Save it for someone who cares..."
  • "Gabriel?"
  • "Everyone falls down, getting back up is how you learn how to walk."
  • Evil laughter
  • New lines for The Way of Ira

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