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This category contains fan made Blood and Blood II games.

Note: there remains some controversy over these game's legal status. Blood and Blood II mods are basically legal, unless they use non-free, non-original or non-Monolith assets. Transfusion has been given permission by Monolith Productions at least once so it is considered legal. Other fan games, such as ZBlood are more suspect as they are using Monolith assets outside of their games. Others can be even more suspect if they include other content from other games such as Doom. The Flesh Game by in large has original graphics, but its sounds and music are from Blood and Blood II. Legal concerns have lead to these being called "xenoBlood" projects on the Transfusion Forums. However, practically there is no issue as more minor cases can easily fall under fair use exceptions, and neither Monolith or Atari is actively defending the Blood intellectual property. Though it should be noted that this stance could change at any time and people should be aware of the risks involved in using copyrighted materials.


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