CP08: Abysmal Mine

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CP08 map layout

"As you come down out of the mountains, you have no other way to go but into a mineshaft. The place is said to be filled with many dead ends, but also some unhappy denizens, hoping to destroy you every chance they get. Though the many mine tunnels can be confusing, there is a way through for the clever soul to discover."--Cryptic Passage README.TXT

Abysmal Mine (CP08) is the eighth level of Cryptic Passage, the first expansion pack for Blood, colloquially known as Episode 5. It takes place inside the mountain you just came from.

Level Designer: Shawn Swift - Sunstorm Interactive

Song Track: 5 - Infuscomus (CD-Audio) cblood7 (MIDI)

Number of Enemies
Still Kicking 49
Pink on the Inside 51
Lightly Broiled 58
Well Done 67
Extra Crispy 67
Number of Secrets


Abysmal Mine

"Swim into the next area, and surface. Jump up on one of the boxes, and then jump up onto the higher area. Shoot the TNT barrel to blow the door open. Walk through, and blow up the TNT barrels to your right, to reveal some water. Jump in, grab the Fire key, and jump back out. Over toward your right, you'll find a wooden door. Go through it, across the bridge, and through the Fire key door. Go up the steps, and around the corner. You'll see the Skull key inside of a container. Push the panel across from it to open it. Quickly jump in, grab the key, and jump out. If it closes back up before you get out, just use the conveyor belt in the room below you to get back up. Now retrace your steps through the Fire key door, and through the wooden door. Jump down into the passage before you, and to the right of the mining car, you'll find the Skull key door. Go through it, grab the Spider key (underneath this coffin is a Life Seed), and retrace your steps to the Fire key door. When you're standing on the wooden bridge, look down on the left side to see the Spider key door. Jump down, and go through it. Follow the passage along, through the waterfall, grab the Eye key and return to the Spider key door. Go through it, and use the waterfall on your right to jump back up. Go through the Fire key door, jump down into the room below, and go through the Eye key door. Jump into the second mining car, and push the symbol to end the level."--Baytor's Guide


Enemies Present[edit]

Weapons Available[edit]


  • Near the opening in the furnace through which the Skull Key is visible, there is a small radio sitting on an L-shaped table. Activate the radio to open a niche behind you and to the left. Reward: Napalm Launcher, Gasoline Can x2 (NOTE: This secret does not increase the secret's count)
  • After getting the Eye Key, push the pillar. Look down over the cliff and you will see a ledge. Reward: Life Seed, Super Armour (NOTE: This secret does not increase the secret's count)
  • For whatever reason, you will not get any secret count upon the level stats screen

Fun Stuff[edit]

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When first starting the level, return back out of the cave towards the plateau at the end of the previous level. A skilled player may be able to rocket-jump using the napalm cannon or dynamite from the lower plateau, up the rock wall to the higher platform. If successful, proceed ahead and left around the sharp rocky corner. There you will find a floating lever that serves no practical purpose in-game and is not interactable.

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