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C5L5: Westworld is the fifth level of the The Nightmare Levels Expansion for Blood II: The Chosen. It is set in a western ghost town, with a Cathedral, saloon, and a final showdown in the streets (with a Behemoth). It looks like it might have been taken from Caleb's past, but there is no associated plot lines that confirm this.


A Church!?![edit]

You must find your way out of this place. All this religious stuff is giving you the creeps.


The town ain't big enough for anyone! Kill 'em all!


Caleb appears, bewildered, in a small room.

CALEB: Oh, my head. A church? Oh, this really is a Nightmare!

He rampages his way out into a ghost town, finding cultists and Beta Reality creatures. Throughout his journey, he fights the forms of the three Undead Chosen, which culminates into a showdown in the streets and then a struggle with a Behemoth. Afterwards, he finds a long mining shaft which contains something not part of this world, and descends.

Enemies Present[edit]

  • robed Cultist (same as in the first expansion level)

Weapons present[edit]


Fun Stuff[edit]

  • This level is named after Westworld, a movie that takes place in a theme park meant to simulate the Western frontier, complete with killable robots.
  • Some of the glasses in the saloon can be picked up and Caleb will say something funny as he drinks.

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