C5L2: Iota Eta Pi

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Ophelia's Sorority House

C5L2: Iota Eta Pi is the second level of the The Nightmare Levels Expansion for Blood II: The Chosen. It is set in a college sorority house during a "zombie" invasion.


Hide and Seek[edit]

Find a way into the attic of the house. Once you find the attic destroy the photo album.


Ophelia revels her Secret
Ophelia prepares to enter her Sorority House

[Video of Ophelia's cut-scene]

With Caleb vanished in the middle of his tale, the others continue their repast.

GABRIELLA: So Ophelia, what's your scariest story? Chip a nail reloading once?
OPHELIA: Very funny. Actually, I have to let you two in on a little secret to tell this story. Don't tell Caleb though. He'd never forgive me. You see, a very long time ago, before I had any aspirations of world domination, I was but a boppy, little... sorority girl.
ISHMAEL: Ah, heh, heh, heh.
OPHELIA: Yeah, I know, Ish, Sounds bloody unlikely. It's true, though, my dark little secret. It's how I met the Cabal. One day they sent a horde of those zombies to take over the campus. I understand there was some kind of genius student there who had invented a reanimation serum, but I doubt it. But as zombies are prone to do there, they gravitated towards the largest concentration of helpless and scantily clad women - my sorority house. I figured I had enough of the perky life anyway. So instead of saving my sisters, I decided to ditch the bleach-blond look and hook up with these Cabal guys. The problem was that there was no way they'd let me in if they knew I belonged to a sorority house. The zombies would take care of the girls, but the photo albums were still in the house. I had to get in there and destroy them.

The scene changes to Ophelia standing outside her sorority house.

OPHELIA: I've got to destroy those photo albums.

The level begins as she breaks in through the basement cellar. Destroying boxes of hair spray blows a hole in the wall allowing her to bypass a flaming gas leak. In the study on the main floor there is a key for a door in the dining room leading to the kitchens, which then provides another key. Going upstairs and out a window to the outside with the non-heart shaped pool, there is a ladder that leads into another bedroom whose door was locked. This puts Ophelia past another gas leak and allows access to the attic. After destroying a Behemoth, a vortex appears and Caleb emerges. Confused, he looks around and deduces Ophelia's secret. Embarrassed, she feebly tries to dissuade Caleb. Before more words can be exchanged, Caleb disappears through another vortex.

Enemies Present[edit]

Weapons present[edit]

Fun Stuff[edit]

  • On the second floor, there is a reminder for Ophelia on the whiteboard - "Call Caleb: 666-xxxxx (rest of the number is unintelligible)".
  • There are three silly trophies on display in one of the rooms - for best wet shirt, biggest hair, and debate.
  • The sorority seems to be obsessed with a sports team known as the "Beavers" - there are many references to them around the house.
  • Even though the story is based in the distant past, the sorority house has a clean modern look, complete with personal computers in the rooms (with a screamshot from the original Blood displayed on their monitors).

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