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[[Image:Ophelia-house-level.png|right|thumb|Ophelia's Sorority House]]
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'''''C5L2: Iota Eta Pi''''' is the second level of the [[Blood II: The Nightmare Levels|The Nightmare Levels Expansion]] for [[Blood II: The Chosen|Blood II: The Chosen]]. It is set in a college sorority house during a "zombie" invasion.
=====Hide and Seek=====
Find a way into the attic of the house. Once you find the attic destroy the photo album.
== Walkthrough  ==
[[Image:Ophelia-reveals-secret.png|right|thumb|200px|Ophelia revels her Secret]]
[[Image:Ophelia-prepares-to-enter.png|right|thumb|200px|Ophelia prepares to enter her Sorority House]]
[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzmPzY3HKoE Video of Ophelia's cut-scene]]
With Caleb vanished in the middle of his tale, the others continue their repast.  
'''GABRIELLA:''' So Ophelia, what's your scariest story? Chip a nail reloading once?<br>'''OPHELIA:''' Very funny. Actually, I have to let you two in on a little secret to tell this story. Don't tell Caleb though. He'd never forgive me. You see, a very long time ago, before I had any aspirations of world domination, I was but a boppy, little... sorority girl.<br>'''ISHMAEL:''' Ah, heh, heh, heh.<br>'''OPHELIA:''' Yeah, I know, Ish, Sounds bloody unlikely. It's true, though, my dark little secret. It's how I met the Cabal. One day they sent a horde of those zombies to take over the campus. I understand there was some kind of genius student there who had invented a reanimation serum, but I doubt it. But as zombies are prone to do there, they gravitated towards the largest concentration of helpless and scantily clad women - my sorority house. I figured I had enough of the perky life anyway. So instead of saving my sisters, I decided to ditch the bleach-blond look and hook up with these Cabal guys. The problem was that there was no way they'd let me in if they knew I belonged to a sorority house. The zombies would take care of the girls, but the photo albums were still in the house. I had to get in there and destroy them.
The scene changes to Ophelia standing outside her sorority house.
'''OPHELIA:''' I've got to destroy those photo albums.
== Enemies Present  ==
*[[Bone Leech]]
*[[Soul Drudge]]
== Weapons present  ==
*[[Submachine Gun|Submachine Gun]]
*[[Voodoo Doll|Voodoo Doll]]
*[[Death Ray|Death Ray]]
== Fun Stuff  ==
*On the second floor, there is a reminder for Ophelia on the whiteboard - "Call [[Caleb|Caleb]]: 666-xxxxx (rest of the number is unintelligible)".
*There are three silly trophies on display in one of the rooms - for best wet shirt, biggest hair, and debate.
*The sorority seems to be obsessed with a sports team known as the "Beavers" - there are many references to them around the house.
*[[Blood II: The Nightmare Levels#Mistakes/Anachronisms|Even though the story is based in the distant past]], the sorority house has a clean modern look, complete with personal computers in the rooms (with a [[E2M3: Rest for the Wicked|screamshot]] from the original ''[[Blood]]'' displayed on their monitors).
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