C3L9: Cabal CO Offices

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C3L9: Cabal CO Offices is the twenty-ninth level in the game Blood II: The Chosen, and the ninth level of the third chapter (map name: 22_office). Caleb enters the upper offices of Cabalco Enterprises, with many rooms of cubicles and office equipment. He finds a secret panel in a meeting room that grants access to an elevator that takes him to the rooftop.

Loading Screen Text[edit]

Level 9: Cabal CO Offices

There's nothing like a very hostile corporate takeover bid to invigorate one's senses! The game of hunter and hunted has always had major appeal. This is starting to get fun. Gideon is soon to run out of hiding places. Time to tree the rat, as it were. A bit of janitorial work is at hand. Cleaning out offices has never been so much fun! Now where was that elevator to the rooftops?



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