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C3L5: Power Station is the twenty-fifth level in the game Blood II: The Chosen, and the fifth level of the third chapter (map name: 20_powerstation). It resembles an power station located under Cabalco Enterprises.

Loading Screen Text[edit]

Level 5: Power Station

Time to shut these bastards down. Pull their plug. No more AC! Hell, no more DC! Welcome to the power station... you are grid-failure incarnate. The excitement just sizzles around here. Sizzles so much that you could be quick-fried to a crackly crunch, and after your recent train experiences you have very little interest in becoming a conductor. Time to do what you do best... break stuff. And what better way to start than with fanatical types. Get to work O' circuit breaker.


"Climb down the ladder and go through the door next to the ladder. Go through the next door and follow the hall around to a flooded room. Jump across (being careful not to fall into the water) to the other side. Keep going until you get to the stairs in Sector 2. Go down them and look for the switch with the palm print (watch out for the Hands down here). Activate it and go back up the stairs, and enter the door to the right of the staircase. Walk down the corridor and go around the raised platform in Sector 3 into another corridor. The catwalk right in front of you will collapse, so use the railing to get past this part. Follow the catwalk to Sector 4. Be sure to grab the supplies to your right before riding the lift up. Press the button with the hand print to open up the lift. Enter it to end the level."Baytor's Guide


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